The Dash Core team has released a third video demo of the Evolution platform, sharpening the picture of what to expect from the upcoming final product.

The new video shows a sample interface for the main wallet on the upcoming Evolution platform. It demonstrates a simple and familiar wallet design, with the usual functions of balance and send/receive, along with the advanced functionality such as contact lists, user profiles, messages, notification history, etc., along with how they interact with the back-end. Additionally, the demo shows two other potential designs for the user-facing interface:

This latest video demonstrates closer to what a final product might look like for the average user, while building on what the previous videos demonstrated of how this is structurally possible on the Dash blockchain.

The back-end of the Evolution platform shows a powerful DApp platform in the making

Over the course of the three demo videos released by the Dash Core team, the back-end of what will make the Evolution platform work is beginning to take shape. The first video, released in March, outlined the scope of the platform’s user-created decentralized applications (DApps) and the data contracts that power them, demonstrating the architecture that connects user data with the data contract, and how that is stored on the blockchain:

The second video honed in on user accounts, demonstrating the various functionality such as friending and making payment requests, and showing how this would look back-end. It also demonstrated the Evolution block explorer, how transactions, user data, and DApp contracts and data appear on the blockchain, as well as demonstrating state transitions that record these interactions between users and with data contracts:

All together, the three videos demonstrate how smooth and user-friendly experience with advanced functionality, similar to modern payment apps and banking services, can be made to function efficiently on an entirely decentralized and distributed currency system.

Dash prepares to take the adoption lead

The latest developments from the Evolution team demonstrate that Dash is preparing for use on a mass scale with an interface usable for all. In the meantime, Dash adoption in the consumer world continues to grow, with 1,112 businesses and counting listed on DiscoverDash. Additionally, Dash-powered merchant solution Alt Thirty Six debuted is offering to the public, and announced a partnership with WebJoint to onboard the first of potentially thousands of cannabis dispensaries to accept Dash as payment.