Dash Core is hiring several new members, adding to a rapidly growing workforce.

The development team and the main group under the Dash decentralized autonomous organization, Dash Core is seeking to fill several additional positions. The most urgent of these are a DevOps engineer, Infrastructure Manager, an Integrations Engineer, a UX/UI Developer, and finally a new Business Development director to replace outgoing member Daniel Diaz.

The expansion will add to one of cryptocurrency’s largest teams

Once hired, these new members will add to one of the largest and most well-funded teams inside of the cryptocurrency space. At present, Dash Core claims nearly 40 members spread around the world, with members working on a variety of projects including coding and testing for future updates, management, press relations, human resources, business development, and more.

Core is not the only team operating under the greater Dash ecosystem. Dash Force is the second such organization, with three full-time members as well as over a dozen part-time members, all scattered across the globe, with operations in different communities and languages. Dash Labs, the third major organization in the ecosystem, is headed by founder Evan Duffield, and is in the process of hiring several new members as well.

Next month will see an explosion in the Dash ecosystem

October is set to be an eventful month for the greater Dash world. A staggering number of proposals, 30 at time of writing, have received enough votes to be funded by the Dash treasury for this cycle. The total value of what the network is set to fund in October is $2.1 million at present valuations, more than the budget of several top development teams combined. Additionally, the Dash Core team has not submitted any proposals for salaries or other expenses, including only the contract of the Ogily and Mather advertising firm for this proposal cycle. This is due to the lack of need to request additional funding after the value of Core’s previous payouts rose exponentially due to Dash’s price rise this year, and to Core’s stewardship of funds already received. The $2.1 million figure represents payouts to the rest of the ecosystem outside of the original founding team.