Dash Core has announced a new Global Director of Business Development.

On Thursday Dash Core’s CEO Ryan Taylor announced that the position to head up the business development team had been filled, with former American Express senior manager Bradley Zastrow entering the role:

“Bradley joins Dash from American Express where he has spent the last 17+ years in a variety of partnership and finance roles across the globe. Originally from Arizona, he has spent the last 13 years in Sydney Australia where most recently he led a regional team in sourcing, negotiating, and managing strategic partnerships for the benefit of American Express Centurion and Platinum card products and customers. Brad brings tenured experience in working with global teams, managing remote people leadership as well as a strong partnership philosophy. In addition, he’s also passionate about the cryptocurrency space which has seen him participate as an investor and perform ad hoc ICO due diligence/analysis.”

Zastrow’s selection solidifies Dash’s position as a payments-focused cryptocurrency

Zastrow joins the Core team to help propel Dash to the forefront of the payments space:

“I am excited to join Dash in this time of incredible change and opportunity and I firmly believe we are leading the space in next generation payment processing. With our strong team and community, we are well positioned to deliver a compelling value proposition to our customers and partners – I welcome this opportunity to play a role in growing Dash globally.”

Cryptocurrency’s original use case was to enable fast, cheap, and efficient payments anywhere around the world, without having to submit to a central authority. This “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” role, however, has fallen away from industry leader Bitcoin, whose median transaction fees now approach $20. Dash, meanwhile, recently implemented a tenfold fee reduction, allowing payments with sub-cent fees, as well as InstantSend instantly-confirmed transactions for just a few cents, maintaining a superior payment experience.

Business development back to full speed after previous director’s absence

Dash Core’s business development team is now back to full capacity after the untimely absence of its previous director Daniel Diaz. Earlier this summer, Diaz was unable to continue to fill his role, resulting in disruption with some contractors. However, several Core members shared business development duties while searching for a new director.