Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash Core Group, made an appearance on Fox Business to talk about a recent publicity stunt by a Ukrainian social media network.

The stunt involved the social media network burring a hard drive holding around $50,000 USD of crypto on the top of Mount Everest. So far, a Nepalese Sherpa accompanying a group in search of the reward has already died. Ryan Taylor commented that it is “endangering people’s lives and … is an act of stupidity” for endangering its own customers. Taylor further elaborated that it “speaks to the lack of business maturity that is inherent in an industry this young.”

“It really does a discredit to all of the other projects in this space that are doing really amazing things. We work really hard to put forward a professional product and a professional business.”

Not Dash’s first national media rodeo

A couple months ago, CNN, the global news company, visited Joel Valenzuela in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA to cover how he is living completely off of Dash in his community. He demonstrated to the CNN interviewer, by taking them on a local tour, how many businesses located in Portsmouth and throughout Southern New Hampshire offer a wide diversity of products and services that can be bought with Dash. The interview demonstrated to skeptics that it is possibly to live off of Dash and cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

The ability to live off Dash is possible since so many businesses accept Dash because of the unique advantages that Dash offers. The consistently low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and security is due to the hard work of the Dash Core Group, other developers, its community, and the Dash DAO that leverages key incentives. The CNN interview combined with the Fox Business interview is further demonstrating that Dash is gaining mainstream global appeal for its distinction within the the cryptocurrency community.

Dash is gearing up for global adoption

Dash gained its foothold around the world with its ability to maintain low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and security. This made Dash an ideal choice for citizens in countries such as Venezuela. Dash was able to demonstrate its potential through organized events for local individuals and entrepreneurs in the country to see how much Dash can help them conduct business and maintain their savings free from government malfeasance. This was made possible because of Dash’s unique governance and treasury system.

Dash is expanding to such a high degree, that it warranted the Dash Core Group to hire Ernesto Contreras as a Regional Business Development Manager in the Latin American region. He will help Dash spread throughout the region by leveraging the comparative advantages of Dash and following a strategy that has already demonstrated success, but on a larger scale.