Dash Core Group recently released an update that 80%+ masternodes and 95%+ hashrate is on version 0.13 after they released some important upgrade process revisions in version 0.13.1.

[tweet https://twitter.com/lizrobuck/status/1096372242248884224 align=’left’] As background, version 0.13.0 involves the use of Spork 15 to create Deterministic Masternode Lists and only pay masternodes that have upgraded. However, this Spork will also reset all treasury votes, and thus, Dash Core Group wants to initiate this phase at the beginning of a new voting cycle to minimize disruption. They had been aiming for early March, but this was not aligned with the current upgrade rate. So rather than push Spork 15 further out and have domino delays, Dash Core Group released version 0.13.1 to allow miners to signal DIP 3 on every block sooner than had been initially planned.

This move keeps Dash Core Group more closely adhered to their roadmap, which they plan to keep updated as they release new status updates on the progress of version 0.13, the coming version 0.14, and version 1.0 (a.k.a the beginning of Evolution).

Adapting to changing scenarios

The reason that the upgrade was taking too long was because to adopt DIP3 there had to be 80% of blocks within a 4,032 block window signaling DIP3 to “lock-in” the change and this would only occur when miners and masternodes were on v0.13. This was done to avoid miners signaling before the masternode network. However, the “combination of the two checks in effect requires ~89% of support from both miners and masternodes at the same time”, according to the blog post by Liz Robuck, Chief Product Owner at DCG. Thus, DCG arrived at the conclusion that this was overly restrictive since 75% of masternodes had already upgraded and would most likely reach 80% by the time 80% of miners had upgraded. Additionally, there is a “4,032-block activation window after DIP3 locks, allowing additional time for masternodes to upgrade, after which time masternode rewards may cease for non-upgraded nodes”.

This on-the-fly thinking will hopefully allow the rest of the upgrade to proceed as planned to activate Spork 15 in early March. In addition, DCG has rolled-out out some more features:

  • “Now able to verify state transition packets using Dash Platform Protocol (DPP)”

  • “Coded design changes to Pay Username and profile color themes in the DashPay app”

  • “Coded UI for Auto InstantSend on DashWallet (Android)”

This is in addition to the numerous other features a part of v0.13.0 that have already been rolled out at the end of January.

  • “First ChainLocks happened on a devnet”

  • “Dash Platform Protocol (DPP) fully integrated with the largest pull request in the history of Dash Drive project”

  • “Coding complete for Pay and Receive actions on DashPay app”

  • “Began rolling out Dash Wallet v2.1.1 on iOS (mainly includes bug fixes); will be fully rolled out 2/4”

  • “Began rolling out Dash Wallet v6.3.1 on Android (contains a fix for a crash issue); will be fully rolled out 2/1”

These are the beginning features and structural changes necessary to support the even more advanced features in Evolution.

Dash Core Group skillfully adapts to keep Evolution release in sight

Dash Core Group has faced negative criticism in the past for missing deadlines when it comes to the release of Evolution, but recently they have been publishing more roadmaps and making an effort to keep the community informed of the development process and timeline. This latest development change is a sign of DCG’s ability to think quickly and make changes to adhere to a roadmap of getting Evolution out soon. If they had not released v0.13.1 then they might have missed the upgrade opportunity window in March and had to have waited until April, which would have pushed Evolution’s release date further out.

As can be seen in the roadmap above, v1.0, a.k.a. Evolution, will contain Blockchain Users, DAPI, and Dash Drive and the Dash Pay MVP will be one of the first uses of the Evolution platform to provide consumers with the ability to create usernames, connect with contacts, and pay and receive money. These are revolutionary cryptocurrency features and are naturally taking a while to develop to be ready for consumer and merchant use. However, the Dash Core Group is working as quickly as they can in the bear market to ensure it will be ready.