Dash Core has filed preliminary defensive patents for its upcoming Evolution platform, slated for release later this year.

Evolution is the code name given to a new platform on top of the existing Dash network that will allow for a radically improved user experience for regular users, something that has been elusive to the cryptocurrency space so far. According to Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, this ease of use barrier has stood in the way of the Dash vision of a revolutionary sound money system open for the whole world to use:

“The Dash project has always been focused on making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone regardless of technical expertise. The Evolution platform is going make that vision a reality, delivering a decentralized, PayPal-like experience to users that is necessary for mass adoption and becoming relevant to people in their daily lives.”

The potential risk of this technology being used and patented by corporations, central banks, or other entities, effectively restricting its free and open use, has prevented too many detailed updates and demonstrations to the greater community as to the progress of the Evolution platform. Now that preliminary patents are filed, more regular and detailed updates will be released over the course of the year.

A measure to block patent trolls and keep Dash free for any to use

The purpose of the patents filed by Dash Core is to maintain Dash’s commitment to providing access to revolutionary cryptocurrency technologies for anyone anywhere in the world. In order to secure this as an open and free technology, Dash Core has anticipated future attacks by patent trolls. Now that preliminary patents have been filed, according to Taylor, more specific updates on the platform’s release can be shared with the general public, including several product demos over the next few weeks:

“The Evolution platform is going to introduce dramatic improvements to Dash’s network, and we can’t wait to officially launch the Alpha version of the platform later this year. This patent filing is a major milestone for us, and enables us to start sharing Dash improvement proposals – a series of technical documents outlining the Evolution technology – with the Dash community in the weeks ahead.”

Dash’s technology has always been open-source and available for anyone to use, view, or improve upon, and many imitators have sprung up over the years, modifying or building on Dash’s key innovations. Now that attention towards cryptocurrency has grown significantly in the global mainstream, Dash has taken a more careful approach to releasing new creations. Evolution is being developed in a private repository in order to keep it from being captured and stolen by patent trolls, and once finished and defensive patents finalized will be made open-source.

At present, the patent is not publicly available, although after the filing of a non-provisional patent it will be, about 18 months from now. The present patent is titled “Methods and Systems for Object Validated Blockchain Accounts,” and secures the Evolution platform’s overlay to the existing Dash network. This overlay will enable blockchain-based user accounts and distributed storage of metadata and rules that governing interactions between accounts, all in a completely decentralized manner.

Dash is building a structure for its world-changing DAO innovation

Dash has taken several steps to create a structure in the real world for its single greatest innovation, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In addition to the aforementioned defensive patents, Dash has also established a legal trust based in New Zealand to give the greater Dash network the ability to legally own property and organizations. Recently, the Dash Core group became the first entity owned by the Dash DAO, allowing the network to vote on decisions regarding the Core team, including transferring property or potentially removing members.

The DAO is a creation that will outlive Dash’s founder, its core development team, or any of its currently participating members. This is because of the way Dash’s DAO is designed, anyone simply running software can mine, acquire Dash, run a masternode, and begin voting on budget proposals, including proposing them before the network. Because of this unique ability for Dash’s organization to survive an extinction-level event whereby all of Dash’s current employees and leadership are wiped out or otherwise silenced, the odds of the Dash DAO surviving for decades to come are considerable. Because of this longevity, Dash’s key members are preparing this radical new structure’s place in the modern world, including unique legal protections tailored specifically for the DAO.

*Update! Dash Core has released a preliminary demonstration of the Evolution platform, included below*