Dash Core has continued its relentless staffing expansion, preparing for aggressive growth this year.

The largest entity under the greater Dash decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Dash Core takes charge of Dash’s development, it’s high-level business partnerships, and payments-focused marketing and messaging. Core recently announced the addition of several new positions it seeks to fill:

At present, 13 positions remain open at Dash Core. Of these, six open positions are for engineering, with the remaining seven in operations, support, and finance. Most, 11, of the available positions are remote, owing to Dash’s global and decentralized nature, while the remaining two are local to the Scottsdale, Arizona offices.

Several key new hires and a treasury-intensive strategy

The new hiring expansion comes after a series of recent hires across several different departments. Most recently, Dash Core hired Ernesto Contreras to fill the role of Latin American Regional Manager for the Business Development team. In March, Core hired a new CFO, Glenn Austin, to ease the burden of the organization’s financial management, a role which largely fell to CEO Ryan Taylor previously. In December, Head of Business Development Brad Zastrow was added to the team, similarly to fill a role left vacant by the untimely departure of Daniel Diaz, who formerly occupied the role.

The Core team plans an aggressive expansion in 2018. Projections from the CFO estimate that during the July treasury cycle over 50% of Dash’s budget may be requested by Core. Present valuations put that number at around $1 million, which for a significant portion of last year was more than the entire available treasury, and exceeds the yearly budget of many smaller cryptocurrency projects

Dash Core remains one of cryptocurrency’s largest and most well-funded development teams

The Dash Core team is an expansive operation, with currently listed over 60 full-time team members, larger than the development teams of many prominent cryptocurrencies put together. This is due to the the treasury system, which allows for Dash to self-fund development, as well as a variety of other purposes. In addition to the Core team, Dash claims several other major groups in its ecosystem, most notably Dash Force and Dash Labs.