Dash Core’s CEO Ryan Taylor repeated that he still believes Dash is the most-used cryptocurrency in Venezuela, despite publicized claims to the contrary.

In a recent interview for the Cake DeFi YouTube channel, Taylor mentioned some recent articles, including a piece by CoinDesk, casting doubt on Dash’s adoption in Venezuela. He reaffirmed his belief in the adoption progress being made in the country, noting the initial success from adoption groups such as Dash Merchant Venezuela which famously signed up large numbers of merchants:

“The progress we made in Venezuela is real. We see evidence of it growing constantly. We’re managing to sign up larger and larger chains. We just signed up our largest chain: 22 pharmacies in Caracas, and we’re in negotiations with point-of-sale systems at this point. None of that work would be possible without Dash Merchant out there having built up a couple of thousand initial mom-and-pop type merchants. I think that the work in Venezuela is going to continue.”

Referenced in the interview was the recent integration of Farmarket, a chain of pharmacies in Venezuela, as well as national icon pharmacy Farmarato.

Calling out CoinDesk’s biased reporting

In addition to reiterating belief in Dash’s progress in Venezuela, Taylor also spoke to the main article in question, where cryptocurrency publication CoinDesk wrote what he believed to be a hit-piece rather than a factual analysis:

“The article was very biased. The author interviewed me and another team member, did not include any of our quotes, statistics, [or] data. It was a poorly-written article that was transparently biased, and I think the community came out against it very hard, disputing the facts in the article. It painted a very bleak picture, almost of fraud. I stand by the statement that Dash is the most-used cryptocurrency in Venezuela, certainly at the point-of-sale. It’s unbelievable that they stood by the article. They made one tiny correction to it out of the dozens that we pointed out that were incorrect.”

He ended by calling into question the honesty practiced by the publication’s staff, emphasizing that it did not tarnish Dash’s reputation, but that of CoinDesk.

“It’s just a pattern of dishonesty here, and who they’re discrediting is CoinDesk. They’re not discrediting Dash.”

Highlighting Dash’s recent innovations in security and governance

Finally, in addition to addressing misconceptions and false information about Dash in Venezuela versus other cryptocurrencies, Taylor also highlighted recent innovations for Dash, including ChainLocks, which immunized the Dash network to 51% mining attacks, and the unique legal structures established to allow the Dash network itself to own and control property and legal entities, improving the network’s practical decentralization.

The full interview is included above.