The Dash Core Group is steadily continuing development and testing of the Dash Copay wallet application for iOS and Android.

The rollout includes three phases to “minimize risks and maximize [their] ability to find and resolve bugs”. The DCG will collect feedback and data to reevaluate their decision to advance to the next phase after the completion of each phase. Phase one is a 30 day beta test of the testnet, phase two is a 30 day test of the mainnet, and phase three is production launch with a gradual geographical rollout. The beta app can be downloaded in the Google play store, and the iOS beta app can be acquired via email.

The Dash Copay wallet brings new features to the Dash specific wallet including the ability to “create and import personal wallets, create and join shared wallets (multi-signature), send and receive payments via QR code or copy/paste address, create address book, view transaction history, invite friends via email, text or social, set local currency, set desired network fees to increase/decrease confirmation times, and touch ID for log in (iOS).”

Innovation gives consumers what they want

A major selling point of the Copay wallet is the ability to have multiple signatures assigned to a specific wallet. This is very valuable for families and businesses that want to have cryptocurrencies and Dash, but also do not want to give all the power to any specific individual to spend all the money in a single wallet. Multi-sig wallets require “M-of-N” signatures before any cryptocurrency can be spent. So, for example, if a business has three partners and their cryptocurrency wallet has a 2-of-3 “M-of-N” signature requirement, then the business needs two partners, a majority, to sign and authorize a transaction before it can be initiated. This is a key feature since many consumers are used to the traditional financial structure where bank accounts require multiple physical signatures on checks for joint accounts.

This feature is already available for Bitcoin users on the Bitcoin Copay wallet, but DCG is committed to improving on the services offered by Bitcoin. Dash already offers faster and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin and focuses on everyday usability by being accepted at locations all over the world. The DCG is completing the last consumer journey mile by building out better user interfaces for consumers to have an easier time adjusting to cryptocurrencies from the old financial system.

The Dash Core Group has been working hard on the Dash Copay wallet, but faced some issue such as “third-party vendor management as well as underlying architectural issues inherited from the reference Copay wallet”. The DCG has, nevertheless, relentlessly continued to work on the wallet because of the benefits that a Copay wallet can offer to wider Dash adoption.

Dash is continuously working on innovation

The Dash Core Group is also working hard on the Evolution platform, which will introduce plenty of new features including multi-signature wallets. The Dash community is committed to offering consumers an experience that they are already accustomed to, such as multiple approvals before spending money, so they can feel comfortable using Dash. The Copay wallet features are only the tip of the iceberg since the Evolution platform has many innovative features planned such as contact lists, user profiles, messages, notification history, the ability to create decentralized applications (dApps), and more.

The Dash community recognizes that making user friendly interfaces and designs are key to user adoption so consumers do not have to overcome large switching costs. The Dash Core Group’s focus on the Copay wallet and the Evolution platform is ensuring that consumers can have a seamless experience with Dash when switching over from the old financial system, which increases the appeal of Dash to new consumers.