Dash has announced two key new integrations at the Money 20/20 conference and highlighted key partners in the space.

At the payments industry-focused conference in Las Vegas this week, the Dash Core team was joined by several industry partners to showcase its development in the payments space. Among them, Uphold and FuzeX announced new integrations with Dash. Uphold announced integration directly into the official Dash mobile wallets, allowing Dash to be seamlessly purchased and used from a single app. This integration is now live in the Android version of the wallet, with the iPhone integration coming soon.


Additionally, cryptocurrency debit card company FuzeX announced a partnership with Dash, publicly signing the joint agreement at the conference. New Dash-branded cards were also showcased at the event, with four main design choices shown.

Uphold and FuzeX integrations significantly improve Dash’s ease of acquisition and use

The new integrations may prove integral to expanding Dash’s use beyond the mainly speculative cryptocurrency world to use as a currency for commercial purposes. At present, the vast majority of the world’s businesses do not accept cryptocurrency, and even though Dash is rapidly closing in on 4,000 merchants worldwide listed on DiscoverDash, this still leaves a significant gap for those wishing to live entirely off of Dash. Having a reliable debit card such as FuzeX will allow the average user to spend Dash at businesses where it is currently not accepted, significantly increasing the utility of the currency for regular commerce. Integrating Uphold directly into the most-used Dash wallets promises to significantly facilitate the acquisition of Dash, removing friction from participating in the ecosystem.

The Dash team was also joined by several other ecosystem partners including custodial and multisig service provider BitGo, shopping rewards platform Rewards.com, Dash-focused mobile phone company Kripto Mobile, CoinFlip cryptocurrency ATM provider, blockchain web services provider BlockCypher, and Africa-focused finance and remittance platform Kuvacash.

Dash’s partnerships lay the groundwork for version 1.0 release soon

The increasing number of strategic partnerships for Dash highlight the push for mass acceptance as a currency to coincide with the release of version 1.0, the much-anticipated platform codenamed Evolution. The initial release, originally versioned as 0.13, promises to deliver a smooth user experience to users via decentralized blockchain-based usernames, contact lists, invoices, recurring payments, and a decentralized application platform allowing anyone to build similar apps on Dash.

The recent version number change reflects the goals of the release to appeal to a mass commercial audience. Nearly a decade after is inception, cryptocurrency remains in a mainly experimental phase, with the rough edges of the code, including long cryptographic hashes, visible to the average user. Dash aims to solve with with the upcoming release and provide a consumer-friendly experience for cryptocurrency, with the 1.0 version indicating a fully-released product, rather than an alpha or beta version.