Dash Force now has its own aircraft, thanks to the masternode-funded Dash AeroSports.

A promotional project funded by the masternode network, Dash AeroSports released its new air racer. Named “Dash Force One,” the aircraft is exclusively covered with Dash branding. Notably, its name is a reference to Dash Force, and the Dash Force News logo and website URL are prominently featured on the aircraft’s tail:

Promoting the Dash ecosystem in the skies

The Dash Aerosports team contracted with the network to promote the currency around the world. In June of this year the team submitted a proposal, which was approved by the masternodes. This will make Dash the exclusive sponsor of the racing team. This means that Dash Aerosports will sport Dash-themed aircraft wraps and flight suits, and will fly in air racing events and airshows around the world.

In addition to promoting the generic Dash branding and specific highlighting of Dash Force and in particular Dash Force News, Dash AeroSports also helps promote other members in the greater ecosystem. For example, BitCart, Ireland-based service which allows customers to buy gift cards for Amazon.com for 15% off, exclusively accepts Dash as a payment, and is prominently featured on the aircraft wrap:

Dash AeroSports’ strong efforts in merchant engagement

In addition to providing publicity for Dash in the skies, the Dash AeroSports team has made strides on the ground by approaching local businesses. Earlier this month, Florida-based ATM operator ByteFederal was convinced to add Dash functionality, as well as Dash-centric branding, to 10 ATMs around the state. This more than doubled the current count of publicly-disclosed Dash ATMs around the world. In addition, Strong Enterprises, the parachute manufacturer used by Dash AeroSports, now accepts Dash, including exclusively Dash accepted for one particular product line.