This past Saturday, an American television sports network, NBCSN, broadcasted an hour long segment “Start Your Engines” of the 2017 National Championship Air Races.

Featured in the race was Scott Farnsworth and his Dash Aerosports team that promote “DASH” in large text along with other Dash marketing material on their plane. The Dash Aerosports plane can be seen in the online video from 2:05 – 6:45, 40:05 – 44:40, and a Dash promotion at 19:38. Viewers were also treated to impressive views from the “ Digital Cash CAM” at various moments throughout the broadcast.

Scott and his team, throughout the race, were able to promote Dash to the numerous people that attended the race last year, as well as those that watched this weekend. Viewership ratings were not available at the time of writing this article.

Targeting audiences with quality offerings

The increasing prevalence of the internet and online TV channels has allowed for niche sports to reach larger audiences. Air Racing is an expensive activity and before the internet age would be limited to a few markets that could garner the in-person attendance to justify the costs. However, the internet has expanded the marketing reach and revenue of these sports, which in turn allows product/service marketers to reach more targeted consumers. The larger targeting ability also allows marketers to pitch not only products/services that are best suited for their audience, but also pitch their product/service with a story that is best able to communicate with their audience. This maximizes product/service adoption and minimizes spending that does not yield results.

More advertising outlets also allows marketers to find product/service representatives that truly believe in their product/service. A sales phrase that is sometimes thrown around is that the best salesperson is a dedicated user. Scott Farnsworth, pilot of Dash Aerosports, matches this criteria since he discovered Dash on his own a couple years back and used his financial background to realize Dash’s potential. He has been really involved in marketing and advocating Dash, which goes much further to promote a product/service than a simple ad. He truly believes in the advantages of cryptocurrencies and the even larger advantages that Dash offers to the world.

Dash has omnichannel promotional abilities

Dash with its combination of decentralization, treasury fund, and governance system allows for Dash to reach potential new users through a plethora of different advertising options. Dash is targeting those that seek thrilling adventures and new things through Dash Aerosports. Dash has targeted other thrill seekers and individuals living within and outside the US through a couple MMA fighters (Rory McDonald and Davis Dos Santos). Dash has targeted news junkies, with Ben Swann, that are on the edge of mainstream, which are more likely to try out cryptocurrencies. Dash has also targeted individuals in other countries within Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia to make Dash a true global currency that can benefit as many people as possible.

Anyone can come to the Dash treasury with a good marketing idea and pitch it to get funded, which allows for a larger possibility of exposure to new groups that would be unachievable with a closed marketing group. The openness of Dash also allows more people to buy into the ideas of Dash as a developing project and are more inclined to promote it within their own network. This omnichannel promotional ability allows Dash to reach outside of the crypto space and into the space of individuals that are fed up with their current inflation-prone national currency, expensive fees, long wait times, and lack of privacy and are ready to adopt Dash as an alternative currency that solves those problems.