I had the pleasure this week of appearing on national radio show Free Talk Live to speak about Dash this week, including the Coinbase integration and progress in Venezuela.

As a call-in guest during the show, I discussed the basics of Dash, as well as the recent integration into Coinbase Pro, particularly the implementation of ChainLocks and its implications on the integration. Dash is now resistant to 51% attacks, and this has apparently factored into the Coinbase’s decision to allow Dash deposits to be recognized after only two on-chain confirmations, as a validation of Dash’s superior security, possibly more than that of Bitcoin.

Dash’s growing usage in Venezuela

In addition to covering the Coinbase integration, we moved on to talk about Dash’s impressive adoption, first in New Hampshire and then in Venezuela, both of which host Mark Edge reported favorably on:

“I’ve been using Dash for transactions here in the state of New Hampshire for some time without too many particular problems, none really related to the currency, more related to technical problems that spring up. We’re the vanguard here in New Hampshire, we’ve had a community using Dash longer than any place on the planet. But I recently saw when I was in Acapulco for Anarchapulco this year, I saw Rod, this Dash activist, went to Venezuela, and he showed that apparently there’s widespread adoption in Venezuela for Dash.”

Edge referenced the two separate mini-documentaries highlighting the impressive adoption results that have been displayed in the region.

Dash as the best defense against hyperinflation?

Edge detailed how important cryptocurrency adoption is in countries which suffer from government mismanagement of the currency and resulting hyperinflation and economic collapse, and expressed belief that Dash can serve as the remedy to these problems as Bitcoin flounders in this area:

“Adoption appears to be getting widespread, certainly more widespread than it is anyplace else for any other currency as far as usage and acceptance. Those are important things because if Venezuela can show itself to be a model for cryptocurrency acceptance, then… and the next government will come along that will hyperinflate its currency. There will be more irresponsible politicians that destroy the economies of their particular countries. Argentina is trying its best right now, again, and the politicians are like “Well whatever, hey you’ve got to live with it because we make the currency.” Well, not anymore, fellas. If we can show that this implementation works (and I agree with you that Dash has many features to it that make it desirable as an alternative to use as far as currency goes (BTC is probably years away from what they’re hoping to implement as far as widespread acceptance), Dash, yeah, it can do it.”

The full segment is available above, with Dash talk starting at the 1:33:42 timestamp.