Dash has added an expanded documentation portal to its site, as well as a new support section.

Located on Docs.Dash.org, serves as a major overhaul to the public official documentation formerly used, the Dash wiki. The new site serves as a more updated and accessible documentation portal for newcomers to longtime users alike to learn the ins and outs of Dash:

This user documentation portal provides a more layman-friendly counterpart to the more in-depth and extensive developer documentation portal that was released late last year, which provides in-depth insight into the inner workings of the Dash codebase.

Dash support page joins DiscoverDash live support chat

In addition to the expanded developer documentation, the main Dash website now includes a recently announced support section:

This section includes a full range of support solutions, from wallet setup to buying Dash to merchant solutions, as well as basics of how to request funding from the Core team or the masternode network. Notably, the page also includes a support ticket system, which will allow users to request further help on any of these subjects not satisfactorily answered by existing pages.

DiscoverDash, the Dash merchant listing site run by Dash Force, first implemented a live support chat earlier this year, allowing users to communicate with live support agents on any Dash-related subjects in real time. DiscoverDash also lists nearly 1,200 Dash-accepting merchants around the world, a number which grows every week as Dash adoption teams focus on global adoption.

The insular cryptocurrency world seeks to become more inclusive to the general public

The various guides and support portals are part of a continuing process to make Dash more accessible to mass markets. Right now, cryptocurrencies are being used by a relatively small group of global consumers, with little retail use outside of a few select geographic areas. The upcoming Evolution platform, however, seeks to address some of the major difficulties behind using cryptocurrencies, including introducing a username system as well as friending, recurring payments, and other similar functionalities which will make cryptocurrency much more seamless for the average user.