Dash was added to trading platforms Whaleclub and Coincheck this week.

Whaleclub is a trading platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrency against more traditional investments, such as oil, gold, stocks, etc. Daniel Diaz, Dash’s Vice President of Business Development, sees this integration as opening new doors for Dash:

“Whaleclub is a one-of-a-kind service. It offers access to trade traditional financial markets using Dash, opening up a completely new universe of options for our users and another great use case for Dash’s worldwide versatility. Not only will this allow current Dash investors to trade traditional markets like, stocks, metals, forex and bonds, it may also attract new investors that want to trade traditional markets but maybe find regulatory hurdles and minimum trading requirements on those markets too big of a challenge to overcome.”

Dash was also added by Tokyo-based exchange Coincheck, which also added support for both Litecoin and NEM.

Recent surge of integrations continues to add up

These latest additions to Dash-supporting platforms continues a recent trend of business, wallet, and exchange integrations. Earlier this month, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken added Dash, both Bitcoin and fiat trading pairs, as well as InstantSend functionality, allowing for near-instant withdrawals. European exchange BitPanda also recently added Dash.

This week, multi-coin multi-platform wallet Jaxx re-added Dash to its iPhone wallet. Previously, Apple had banned Dash wallets from the App Store entirely, leaving iPhone users with no mobile Dash option at all. The re-addition into Jaxx changes that, making Dash available to use for all mobile users.

Dash can “cheat the system” with integrations

What sets Dash apart from other cryptocurrencies as far as claiming business integrations is the ability to leverage the treasury to offset costs. Dash’s treasury allows for a portion of the new coin supply to be allocated for community projects, and this in some cases includes incentivizing businesses to accept Dash by assisting with development workload and costs. Notable recent examples of this approach include Wall of Coins and Kraken, both of which included InstantSend functionality for transactions, and as such took Dash’s help for the extra work involved.

This approach allows Dash to jump ahead of other coins, gaining integrations sooner than cryptocurrencies without a similar treasury system. This means Dash is “punching out of its weight class,” competing on even ground with cryptocurrencies that boast a longer history and larger market cap.