Dash has been added to the Uphold platform, allowing much easier access to the currency for users around the world.

A platform allowing for the easy and instant exchange of currencies, Uphold announced that it has added Dash to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. This means that holders of over 30 currencies will be able to fund their account and buy Dash via bank transfer, with credit card buying functionality to follow in a few days. Dash Core’s CEO Ryan Taylor sees this as a significant facilitator to acquiring Dash, especially for those who may not be familiar with the cryptocurrency exchange world:

“Uphold adds to the Dash ecosystem the fastest and easiest method yet for everyday consumers to acquire Dash. Dash already has many of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges integrated, but exchanges are generally intimidating for average users unaccustomed to trading. Uphold makes transactions much simpler than an exchange, and it supports users from most geographies. All of this means that another great option is available to consumers around the world at unmatched speed and remarkably low cost.”

On the roadmap for Uphold is integration of Dash’s InstantSend functionality, which will allow users to complete exchanges even faster.

Dash’s practical use case a strong attraction point

According to Uphold’s Senior Vice President and Head of Business Development Colin Luce, Dash’s practical use made it an attractive choice for the next addition to the platform:

“We were eager to add Dash primarily due to the increased adoption and of real-world use cases. The organizational structure of Dash, with masternodes and proposals and the Core Group, is a recipe for long-term success, especially at a time where the vast majority of the top one-hundred blockchains and currencies are still primarily speculative.”

Dash has a widespread global presence, with promotional teams around the world, and is currently accepted as payment in 540 businesses around the world. Many of these have very limited points of access to acquire Dash. The addition of Uphold will make it much easier for those in underserved regions of the world to join the Dash economy.

Dash’s ease of use and access is growing

Dash’s ease of acquisition, as well as its use, is growing rapidly around the globe. In addition to new gateways such as Uphold for purchasing, dozens of new businesses around the world continue to add Dash as a payment option. The funding of the Festy contactless payment system will allow Dash to be spent at festivals around the world, as well as pubs and other businesses.

Investors are taking increasing note of Dash’s attractiveness. Rogue German hedge fund manager Florian Homm recommended Dash, and an in-depth piece by the Palm Beach Research Group caused the price to take a significant upswing.