Vietnamese cryptocurrency exchange Bvnex has added Dash, including a fiat trading pair with the Vietnamese Dong, as well as InstantSend support for deposits.

[tweet align=’left’] Negotiated by the Dash business development group Dash Next, the launch will happen on September 14th and will also include the facilitation of Dash InstantSend, enabling much faster deposits so that trades may be quickly completed. Dash’s InstantSend is now automatic on all transactions, however exchanges must still recognize the enhanced speed and security of Dash’s technology so that the exchange does not add unnecessary confirmation time to recognizing deposits. For example, Bvnex’s fee page previously required 10 confirmations for Dash withdrawals, which will be unnecessary after the exchange recognizes InstantSend.

Bvnex also currently charges 0.002 Dash for withdrawals and do not have the trading fees with the VND listed yet. As for the exchange’s second fiat-denominated trading pair with USD stablecoin Tether, Dash/USDT, the maker fee is 0.15% and the taker fee is 0.25%. These fees ares standard for all their other pairs except for their BTC/VND and USDT/VND, the only other VND trading pairs, which have a maker fee of 0% and a taker fee of 0.25%.

A steady stream of integrations thanks to work by Dash Next and others

Dash has been added to numerous exchanges and services recently, thanks in great part to the work of business development groups such as Dash Next and the Dash Embassy D-A-CH. This includes exchanges in many different countries with their respective local currency as a trading pair such as the Vietnamese dong. The ability to move directly from a local currency directly to Dash helps remove adoption barriers for consumers and makes it easier to use Dash for everyday purchases. Consumers in Nigeria can save time and money by moving directly between their local currency and Dash on exchanges like CoinCola, Cubobit for consumers in Mexico, and more.

These additional exchanges also help Dash expand its offering to traders that find Dash appealing for its quickness at very low costs since these individuals want to move between exchanges and currencies easily and quickly to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.

Dash seeing growth as real world payment option

The exchanges recently adding Dash facilitate its usefulness as a payment method, enabling potential users to acquire digital currency for spending purposes, including the recent Vietnamese dong trading pairs added through Bvnex. Dash shares a significant advantage in this by being accepted and numerous direct merchants, such as parking garages and pharmacies in Venezuela. These exchanges help expand the liquidity of Dash and further enable individuals to acquire and use it for its original proposition, and that of cryptocurrency, in locations around the world. Projects such as Dash Next increase the utility of Dash by adding as many services and exchanges as possible, providing a distinct advantage during a bear market when many projects struggle for basic survival