Dash has been added to an exchange and a payment solution, solidifying its high-paced 2018 run.

Paybear, a new online merchant gateway for cryptocurrency payments, recently released its new product. Dash is included in its initial lineup of seven different cryptocurrencies accepted, with 11 more reportedly on the way this year. The system currently includes integrations into several e-commerce plugins including WooCommerce and OpenCart, with others such as Magento reportedly in the works.

Dash added to the GODEX instant exchange

In addition to Paybear, Dash was also added to the new cryptocurrency exchange GODEX:

Similar to industry giant ShapeShift, GODEX offers rapid exchange of cryptocurrencies through a streamlined interface. The platform accepts Dash, as well as nearly 100 other cryptocurrencies, for exchange.

The Dash crypto ecosystem is diversifying, in Dash’s favor

The world of cryptocurrency businesses is rapidly changing, with dozens of new businesses such as GODEX and Paybear popping up all the time. Previously, the ecosystem was Bitcoin-heavy, with major companies dominating each aspect of the industry: Coinbase for easily buying with a bank account, BitPay for point-of-sale payments, ShapeShift for instant conversion between coins, and Purse for spending on Amazon.com. Now, a series of competitors have popped up, with Uphold and Mercury Cash offering competition to Coinbase, Alt Thirty Six aiming for a superior point-of-sale than BitPay, GODEX, MorphToken, and Flyp.me challenging ShapeShift and Changelly, and BitCart competing with Purse over Amazon.com buying. All of these new services support Dash, two of them (Alt Thirty Six and BitCart) exclusively, while only one of the industry “old guard” presently accepts Dash.

As the ecosystem becomes more and more saturated with new players, customers demanding more popular and effective coins for payments such as Dash will increasingly flock to services that support their demands, putting pressure on older companies to either adapt or lose market share. This diversification will lead to fewer and fewer gatekeepers excluding Dash from wide use.