Dash has been added to three new exchanges: BACE, CoinSwitch, and Styx24.

Last week, BACE announced that Dash would be the next coin added to its trading platform:

BACE is an upcoming Switzerland-based exchange that will offer several trading options, including fiat trading pairs. The beta version of the exchange is set to be online Q2 of 2018, with the final version in Q4.

Dash added to CoinSwitch instant crypto exchange and new Zimbabwean exchange Styx24

Dash was also added to the CoinSwitch exchange, adding another easy option to acquire Dash through exchanging dozens of different cryptocurrencies. CoinSwitch is yet another service similar to ShapeShift that offers a quick, easy, and precise exchanging of cryptocurrencies, as opposed to more traditional exchanges for more seasoned traders. MorphToken, Flyp.me, Changelly, GODEX, and many others offer similar services, greatly diversifying the multi-crypto world.

Additionally, Dash has been added to the Styx24 exchange. According to BitcoinAfrica, Styx24 is a new exchange based in Zimbabwe currently supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash, and has USD trading pairs for each. This may provide healthy competition to the Golix exchange and offer additional options for Zimbabweans to exit fiat currency. The KuvaCash project, funded last year, will add another fiat/Dash gateway in Zimbabwe pending regulatory approval, adding yet another option to acquire Dash in the region.

Dash’s focused integration pace during the bear market

Despite market doldrums, Dash has had a productive year. Recent issues, from regulatory fears to a former Mt. Gox trustee selling off a significant hoard of Bitcoin, have compounded this year’s market correction, resulting in a significant decline since December’s peak of nearly $1 trillion. Dash, however, has continued to add a host of new integrations, over a dozen in January alone, with more coming every week. Dash is in a strong position for growth in the later part of the year after the markets turn around, and practical use and adoption rises.