Asian-based cryptocurrency exchange Quoinex adds Dash, expanding its reach in the region.

Quoine, a leading fintech company in Asia with offices in Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore, operates two exchanges, Quoinex and Qryptos. Quoinex has added Dash trading pairs, adding Dash support to both of the company’s exchanges. According to Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, this will assist Dash in capitalizing on cryptocurrency’s surge in Asia:

“It’s exciting to work with a reputable and licensed trading operation in a geography where customers are rapidly realizing the benefits of Dash. Digital currency adoption is spreading rapidly in Southeast Asia, and Dash is an ideal option to provide the low cost and rapid transactions this region requires. The digital currency boom is being felt widely particularly in Japan and Southeast Asia, so it’s no surprise QRYPTOS and QUOINEX are seeing record signups.”

Dash opened up to several new fiat currencies

The addition of Dash to Quoinex will open up options for trading with yen, euros, US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Singapore dollars, Australian dollar, the Indonesian rupiah, and the Indian Rupee. Dash will also be available to trade for Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Quoine CEO Mike Kayamori sees this integration as an option to increase cryptocurrency adoption in the region, an area with high portions of unbanked:

“Asia is a fast growing market for digital currencies, as shown from the rapid adoption of digital payments in China, Japan, India, Indonesia and other parts of the world. Countries in Asia have some of the highest rates of unbanked populations in the world. This presents a massive growth market for awareness and adoption of digital currencies. For new cryptocurrency issuers such as Dash and digital exchanges such as QUOINEX and QRYPTOS, this provides us a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with regulators and other industry players to drive economic growth together in a new digital era in a way that is sustainable and inclusive.”

Quoine also operates the Qryptos exchange, a cryptocurrency-only trading platform seeking to provide competition to bigger industry players such as Poloniex by offering competitive rates, including negative fees as an incentive to switch over. Qryptos added Dash to the platform last month.

Dash’s long list of integrations to continue throughout the year

Dash has had a growing list of integrations and announcements since the London conference at the end of September. During the conference, a host of integrations was alluded to, including many different exchanges and access to fiat onramps for over 20 different currencies. These announcements were vague pending official press releases for each one.

Over the past month, these releases have begun to be announced. First, Wirex announced a strategic partnership with Dash and plans to integrate it directly into its platform for easy exchanging and use on its upcoming contactless debit cards, which will make Dash the first non-Bitcoin cryptocurrency to enjoy full integration. Payment processing platform Alt Thirty Six also officially announced its exclusive partnership with Dash, opening up a host of new merchants, including the legal cannabis industry. Finally, Korean exchange Coin Rail added Dash trading pairs, and Japanese exchange BitFlyer was found to have mentions of Dash in its CSS code, indicating that it may also add Dash soon.

Aside from official integrations, Dash’s treasury funded over $2 million in proposals last month, indicating that the Dash ecosystem is set to grow exponentially over the course of this year and the next.