Dash has been added the deVere Crypto app, as well as CryptoWolf, ACX, and SouthXChange.

Leading independent global financial consultancy group deVere recently launched deVere Crypto, an app for trading and storing different cryptocurrencies. Their offering includes Dash, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. This comes following last year’s historic rise of interest in cryptocurrencies, with combined market capitalization reaching close to the trillion dollar mark. Now, despite a correction this year, interest still remains high.

Dash added to three additional exchanges

In addition to the deVere Crypto app, Dash has also been added to three addition exchanges. First, CryptoWolf, an online instant crypto-to-crypto exchange, added Dash, allowing it to easily be acquired by trading one of several other coins. Dash was also added to SouthXChange, an exchange built and operated by Argentina-based PRO-Systems, currently ranked 110th by 24-hour volume on CoinMarketCap:

Finally, Dash was added to Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange ACX.io. The exchange is currently ranked 82nd by 24-hour volume.

Dash’s fast-paced 2018

Dash has had a very eventful start of the year so far, earning 20 new partnerships and integrations in January alone. This amounted to five each week, three of which were strictly new integrations. In addition to January’s strong start, in February Dash was added to Bitrefill prepaid mobile service, RocketPay exchange, Edge Secure mobile wallet, GODEX instant exchange, and PayBear merchant solution. Dash has also been integrated for over a hundred merchants in Venezuela, thanks to a series of very successful conferences and outreach efforts.

The Dash network and ecosystem has grown internally as well, with the masternode count reaching an all-time high despite market fluctuations. Finally, in a historic first, the Dash Core group is now legally owned by the Dash DAO, as what is possibly the first legal entity owned by a decentralized autonomous organization.