Dash is newly accepted as payment in a restaurant in Ukraine to kick off a wide retail integration project.

In a recent video uploaded by CryptoGroup, Dmitriy Baimuratov is seen at Givi Rubinstein, a cafe in Kiev, paying for his lunch with Dash. The point-of-sale transaction is shown, showcasing the new integration funded by the Dash network.


CryptoGroup’s Dash retail sector integration

This is part of a wider integration into the retail sector by CryptoGroup. The group is undertaking an ambitious project to spread Dash adoption to brick-and-mortar locations around Ukraine:

“Gradually Ukraine is becoming one of the most blockchain-friendly countries in the world. Thanks to our great initiative and overwhelming support from Dash community pretty soon we’ll finally let people to use their cryptocurrencies for food and later on for other services.”

The integration, funded by the Dash network, includes a partnership with Profit Solutions, a local retail point-of-sale provider. Profit Solutions is widely used, and this integration could allow upwards of 80% of retail locations in Ukraine to accept Dash.

Dash adoption on a sprint ahead of Evolution upgrade

In the lead up to the initial stages of the Evolution release, Dash is on a push to get as many businesses, services, and users on board as possible. Aside from Bitcoin, which has recently run into scaling issues and resulting high fees and slow confirmation times, Dash is one of the most widely-used cryptocurrencies for commerce. At time of writing, DiscoverDash lists 258 businesses accepting Dash around the world, a number which grows every week as new merchants are discovered.

According to the official Dash roadmap, the alpha release of Evolution will be out this year, providing a seamless and user-friendly way for users to transact without having to rely on a third party. Version one will see wide release by next summer, including support for 500,000 daily users.