Daexs, the popular Latin American cryptocurrency exchange, recently integrated Dash, which will expand the liquidity options in Colombia and nearby countries by enabling individuals to purchase Dash via Colombian peso pairings.

[tweet https://twitter.com/daexstech/status/1113486434806038529 align=”right”] Their press release stated that “as part of the integration, the Daexs team in cooperation with Blockchain Center Colombia will organize meetups in Bogota and Medellin” to help facilitate adoption. They also claim to be “the first and only digital assets exchange operating in Colombia” and will have “a zero fee promotion from April 3 until May 3” to promote the integration. Sebastian Cortes, Daexs Tech CEO, highlighted how the integration further helps promote crypto adoption throughout the continent.

“We are honored to list Dash on our exchange. Dash represents an outstanding alternative and reliable payment method worldwide. This partnership allows us to serve the growing Dash community in Colombia and this will contribute to the massive use of Dash not only in this country but also in adjacent economies like Venezuela, Peru, and Panama. Daexs is permanently enhancing its services, ensuring the adoption of digital assets based on blockchain technology in Latin America.”

Expanding Dash throughout Colombia and Latin America

Dash has been rapidly growing throughout Latin America to the tune of over 2,400 merchants in Venezuela and over 300 merchants in Colombia. This integration, as Dash Core Group CEO, Ryan Taylor, explains will further help increase consumer access.

“The integration with Daexs greatly increases Dash’s accessibility and allows users to access Dash throughout Colombia and Latin America. The partnership also heavily aligns with our growth strategy in the region, especially with our continued efforts in Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and other countries. We look forward to being able to continue offering an alternative and reliable payment method in Latin America and globally.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/georgedonnelly/status/1111694837915549696 align=”left”] Dash Colombia has been another strong force driving Dash adoption in the country, including POS services for merchants and developing a remittance database platform. They have also been organizing Dash Invite events that focus on growing grassroots Dash adoption by inviting local individuals to nearby merchants that accept Dash. The goal is that since attendees are local, then the Dash spending can begin to become repetitive.

Then in neighboring Venezuela, there have been multiple channels of Dash growth through direct merchant adoption, exchange integrations, partnerships with Kripto Mobile, and more. The durability of Dash was even recently seen during the widespread blackouts that shutdown most payment terminals, including crypto POS devices, but Dash Text was still able to function thanks to its innovative features.

Dash is able to focus on providing solutions

Thanks to Dash’s treasury and DAO structure, Dash is able to fund and incentivize these teams that are responsible for so much of Dash’s growth and adoption. Additionally, since Dash is able to fund many organizations, they are each able to pursue their own, independent adoption strategies that they believe work best. This will allow for competition within the Dash ecosystem that will lead to the best outcome for the overall Dash network and for Dash to become everyday digital cash.