Cryptoworth, a cryptocurrency multi-purpose asset management solution, integrated Dash into the platform, providing tools to serve accountants, miners, investors, traders, managers, and enterprises.

[tweet align=’right’] The integration of Dash will enable users to manage their assets across multiple wallets, exchanges, transaction histories, and even have business tools that allow employee management. However, Cryptoworth only syncs up output information available from wallets and exchanges so individuals can get a better idea of their spending and assets. Since Cryptoworth does not have permission to spend with private keys, even if Cryptoworth is hacked, a hypothetical hacker cannot steal users’ coins.

Cryptoworth has five pricing tiers for the different types of users that will find their tools useful. The lowest tier is free for one portfolio and three exchange synchronizations, which will be best for individuals managing their own assets. The company additionally offers a Pro Tier for $90 per month, Advanced for $190 per month, Business for $290 per month, and an Institution tier that is pried according to specific needs and size.

Expanding accessibility to cryptocurrency

The advantage of using a tool like Cryptoworth is that it simplifies cryptocurrency ownership across different platforms, which can quickly become overwhelming for average users that simply want to own cryptocurrency without dedicating significant amounts of time and effort to mastering the technology. A solution to this problem has been cryptocurrency custody platforms such as those offered by Coinbase, Fidelity, Bitgo, and others, however, these institutions are often either restricted to certain dollar asset values or have other limitations. A platform like Cryptoworth not only democratizes these tools and gives it straight to the individual users, but also lowers the barrier to cryptocurrency asset management and increases the likelihood of more custody managers emerging that will offer different service attributes.

This easier use of custody-like tools will help increase adoption of cryptocurrency, including Dash, as more people are able to passively own cryptocurrency and/or more easily integrate its use into their business.

Dash emphasizes ease-of-use to increase adoption

Dash is no stranger to the importance of ease-of-use in increase adoption and usage in everyday life to become digital cash. Overall, Dash is trying to make using a cryptocurrency wallet easier with the creation of the Dash Platform to make sending and receiving Dash more straightforward, but also Dash Drive and DAPI to make developing decentralized apps (DApps) simpler.

Further, Dash has already partnered with different companies to make using Dash personally and for a businesses easier. Last year, Dash was integrated into Bitgo, the institutional-grade cryptocurrency security and multi-signature wallet service and this facilitated easier future integration such as being integrated into VegaWallet and Smart Valor‘s shared masternode staking rewards service. Dash was also integrated into Node40 that enabled businesses and individuals to stay in tax compliance with their cryptocurrency. Additionally, the Node40 integration facilitated the future partnership with SALT Lending to make borrowing against Dash easier.