Travel booking service XcelTrip, which enables individuals to currently book over 800,000 hotels and over 400 airlines with cryptocurrency to create a decentralized travel ecosystem, will now be accepting Dash as payments.

[tweet align=’right’] XcelTrip offers hotel, resort, and airline booking services via downloadable app on both IOS and Android. The savings that XcelTrip gains from their business model allows them to also offer a cash back service that immediately credits consumers on 15% of their bookings. According to CEO Gyanendra Khadka, he believes the partnership with Dash will further help drive wider cryptocurrency adoption:

“XcelTrip platform is all about driving mass adoption for crypto and empowering the end-user community around the world. Dash has a highly active global community and we are very excited to partner with them.”

To further reach consumers and higher usage, XcelTrip also offers a wallet which serves as a point-of-sale, digital payment wallet, and cryptocurrency payment gateway. This aims to cut down on middlemen, transaction fees, and currency conversion fees that produce a negative effect on businesses’ and customers’ margins. Additionally, they offer the ability for consumers to top-off phone plans across 900 different mobile providers in 160 countries.

Dash’s ever-growing list of travel options

Dash is adding more and more travel companies that enable individuals to travel around the global on Dash. In addition to XcelTrip, most recently Travala partnered with Dash Core to be the default travel booking service of Dash Core whenever they travel and also began offering all Dash users 5% off bookings. Previously, More Stamps Global,, and TravelbyBit were the main travel platforms that accepted cryptocurrencies including Dash for travel bookings. Additionally, these multiple number of services helps make the overall system more robust against downtime. This was exemplified when was one of the only platforms that accepted Dash, and many individuals were left with no vendors that accepted Dash and other cryptocurrencies for air travel when temporarily stopped accepting Dash due to payment processing difficulties.

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Connecting cryptocurrency adoption hotspots around the world

Cryptocurrency has as of yet mainly seen pockets of adoption in certain regions around the world based on the activities of local activist groups and the local economy, such as in New Hampshire, Venezuela, Colombia, Australia, parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. While the geographic separation makes connecting these regions with cryptocurrency difficult, this is changing with new travel companies that accept cryptocurrency. The enhanced services and savings of paying for travel with cryptocurrency can really be seen when global cryptocurrency communities come together for conferences. For example, the upcoming Dash Conference in late September will have individuals from all around the globe travel to Switzerland and Germany to talk about Dash’s global progress, with multiple options available to book travel and accommodation with Dash, eliminating another former bottleneck of fiat currency reliance. Expanded travel options such as the XcelTrip integration assist in providing access to travel to events such as these.