Cryptobuyer, a popular Latin America-focused exchange and merchant point-of-sale system, has now partnered with Dash Text to bring simple SMS cryptocurrency exchanges to their merchant solutions.

Jorge Farías, CEO of Cryptobuyer highlighted that this integration helps bring Dash to “people who do not have smartphones, especially because the statistics of smartphones in Venezuela is decreasing”. Cryptobuyer will work by interfacing with Dash Text’s unique “Purchase Command” that will communicate with the point-of-sale to display a 5 digit code for the consumer. The customer then just has to send “PURCHASE” to the 5 digit code to make the purchase and send their Dash to the desired wallet address, which will occur as fast as any other Dash transaction.

Cryptobuyer previously integrated Dash last year, and has since seen Dash become the most popular coin on its platform several months in a row, surpassing even Bitcoin.

Consumer demand for a simpler payment solution

The addition of Dash Text to Cryptobuyer’s merchant solution solves an issue of usability from a consumer perspective for users unfamiliar with handling cryptographic keys. Many cryptocurrency wallets present a different method of initiating payments than traditional financial apps, introducing long hashes, QR codes, copying and pasting, and other steps that that confuse most new consumers. Instead, Dash Text presents an actually easy-to-use interface that most consumers are familiar with since it simply involves texting an action word to a shortcode phone number, which many have been doing for years. This adds to the fact that Dash Text also expands access to the many potential users such as over a 50% in some developing countries that do not own a smartphone.

Access to easy financial solutions leveraging cryptocurrency is expanding in other areas in Latin America beyond Cryptobuyer as well. RemeZaZa, from the Mexican exchange Cubobit, excels along a similar path by enabling individuals to easily send remittances back to Mexico via Dash, allowing a payment to be sent to an address and enabling the end recipient to receive spendable funds within a few minutes.

Dash network working towards overall ease-of-use

The addition of Dash Text support to Cryptobuyer’s platform moves the currency a step further towards mass usability. Dash’s goal is to become everyday digital cash, which requires ease of use for average consumers. The long-awaited Dash Platform release, which is scheduled to be highlighted at a Dash Core Group-hosted open house next month, includes many anticipated features, foremost among them being blockchain usernames and contact lists. This will allow simple, social media-like usernames to be created so that users can easily recognize who they are sending money to rather than having to check the alphanumeric cryptographic address. This feature also makes it easier for auto-pay to eventual be enabled so companies can invoice users and they can simply go through the list of payment requests and either approve or not approve.