The platform has added Dash, including to its debit card solution, and has launched a promotional Dash giveaway campaign.

The platform enables users to store, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies, spend them through a debit card, and several additional features. Full Dash support was recently announced on the platform, enabling a host of new options for Dash users.’s CEO and co-founder Kris Marszalek sees this new Dash partnership as an opportunity to expand the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method worldwide:

“We’re thrilled to welcome Dash to the platform and look forward to working together closely to further increase global adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method.”

As part of the integration, has launched a promotional giveaway as outlined in a new blog post. From June 11-18, users who have at least 50 of the platform’s native MCO token staked and have performed at least three Dash transactions will be selected at random to receive 0.5 Dash each, for a giveaway total of 15 Dash.

Facilitating Dash spending options, as well as earning through borrowing and lending

The addition of Dash to the platform adds a host of new options for Dash holders to spend their funds, as well as benefit from leveraging their funds in other ways. Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, stated the goals of Dash and of advancing a world of real cryptocurrency adoption align nicely:

“This listing benefits current users of both Dash and because helps facilitate seamless conversions between Dash and fiat currencies and Dash delivers greater choice to the platform with an unmatched combination of speed and security. Dash and share goals to spread the adoption and real-world use cases of cryptocurrency; Dash integration to the Wallet & Card App, and the MCO Visa Card will enable financial freedom for more people.”

The platform offers a variety of additional features beyond buying, selling, and spending. The platform includes a merchant function to allow businesses to easily accept cryptocurrency for payments, track and manage sales, and convert to fiat currency, as well as a consumer platform offering rewards and cash-back. also offers the ability to earn interest by staking funds over a designated time period, introducing recurring rewards. Finally, the platform also issues loans against staked cryptocurrency.

Dash’s growing ability to serve as money for expenses, savings, and more

The number of uses of Dash beyond speculation or pure sending and receiving of transactions continues to grow with the addition of new services offering additional value to holders. SALT lending offers loans collateralized in Dash, allowing holders to acquire fiat currency for purchases and bills while not having to liquidate their cryptocurrency holdings. Recently, SALT enabled Dash masternode support, enabling users to continue to run masternodes, vote on proposals, and receive payouts while obtaining a loan against the 1,000 Dash collateral. The Celsius Network recently enabled loans against Dash collateral as well, expanding the scope of options for Dash holders seeking to maximize the benefits of their holdings.