Cryptocurrency has gone through a crazy week of trading with wild price swings in both directions, while Dash has remained relatively calm.

Over the last few days, the greater field of cryptocurrency has experienced a great reshuffling, with many coins experiencing significant surges followed by corrections, including a few new players to the top of the charts. The market cap of non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies have grown from about $14 billion to $26 billion over the last week. This was followed by a loss of $6 billion over less than 24 hours, and then a $2 billion recovery to present total of about $22 billion.

Dash largely remains outside of speculative mania

During this trading frenzy, Dash has remained relatively unaffected compared to other top coins, both from positive and negative swings. The price started at around $90 at the beginning of May, approximately where it rests now. Over the past week it has reached a high of $110, and dipped as low as $82 on Tuesday, but quickly rebounded.

Ripple, by comparison, has had a much more exciting week. Over the last week the price has risen from about 5 cents to a high of almost 24 cents, almost a five-fold increase. At time of writing it remains close to 17 cents, rebounding from a dip of 13 cents early Tuesday. For perspective, that represents an increase from a market cap of $2 billion to $9 billion in under a week, then a $4 billion drop over a single day followed by a $1.7 billion recovery to about $6.7 billion at time of writing. Traders buying and selling during that period had wildly different experiences depending on when they entered and exited the market, while Dash traders have had a more uniform experience.

Bitcoin keeps going up, regaining market share

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency’s frontrunner has continued to rise, gaining back market share from the rest of the field. Bitcoin has risen from about $1,460 to a new all-time high of $1,830 over the past week, approaching a $30 billion market cap. As a result, its percentage of cryptocurrency’s total valuation has regained some of the ground it lost, rising from an all-time low of just about 50% to a present share of around 56%, showing stubborn resistance to losing its place as the standard bearer for all of cryptocurrency.