Crypto Briefing issues the Digital Asset Report and Evaluation (DARE) report to help consumers evaluate different projects and recently revised their criteria, which resulted in Dash still excelling and actually receiving higher marks than on the previous report.

[tweet align=’right’] The report opens by citing Dash’s large goal of releasing Evolution this year and the major changes it can bring.

“For Dash, 2019 will be a pivotal year. If the Evolution launch is successful and it catalyzes application development around the Dash ecosystem, the project will solidify itself as a dominant cryptocurrency, and spur cryptocurrency adoption as a whole.”

However, it also highlights that if Dash delays Evolution further, there is the risk that competitors could overtake its role. Nevertheless, the report continues that Dash is making good technological progress by discussing Dash’s recent release of version 0.13 that made “most transactions InstantSend by default, deterministic Masternode lists and lower mixing denominations and higher number of mixing rounds for PrivateSend”. The report also added that the anticipated ChainLocks and Long Living Masternode Quorums updates in version 0.14 will provide more security against 51% attacks and “make it so merchants will no longer need to wait for six confirmations for a transactions”. The report also cites the significant adoption that Dash has seen in Venezuela, Colombia, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

“Considering the risks and rewards, Dash receives a B grade. It is important to note that under the new framework the original Dash report would have been graded as a B-, so while the current grade of a B is, technically, a reaffirmation, it should actually be considered an upgrade.

Making digital cash a reality

Dash is achieving these goals through multiple community groups that are funded via its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Treasury. However, the largest group, Dash Core Group, has been making significant progress, especially in code development. The report also cites the widely failed vote to fire Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO, which signals that the team has the significant confidence of the Dash community. Crypto Briefing also acknowledges Dash’s new roadmap, regular product updates, and the recent release of version 0.13 as signs that times are different from the previous history of missed deadlines.

The report also discusses Dash price trends, which is usually of particular interest to traders, whom also tend to use Dash as a funds movement vehicle due to its incredible inexpensive transactions and fast confirmation speeds. The report highlights Dash’s current price appreciation as a bullish moment that could continue, which would reverse the bear action that has been the norm for awhile. However, Dash’s medium-term and long-term price action is still in a bear market due to the length and breadth of the general cryptocurrency bear market.

Turning hard work into real returns

These attributes of Dash is partly what helped it gain such significant adoption around the world, but mostly in Latin America due to the hyperinflation of Venezuela and spillover adoption into other countries, such as Colombia and Brazil. While much of the adoption and code development might look like overnight success from an outsider’s viewpoint, it actually required a lot of hard work from dedicated individuals. The Dash Treasury helps supplement some of this work, but there are still many projects that go unfunded or underfunded, especially during a bear market. Nevertheless, many still find ways to operate and push Dash adoption and development forward. Much of this motivation derives from a belief in the Dash project to be one of the best opportunities to deliver monetary and financial freedom to individuals around the world.