Craig Wright indicated a friendly competition between Dash and Bitcoin Cash as both seek to replace Bitcoin’s vacant throne as king of digital cash payments.

In a debate on Twitter over scaling Bitcoin for fast and cheap everyday commerce transactions, Wright, the chief scientist at nChain, maintained the need for instant and cheap transactions in order for it to be useful for point-of-sale transactions:

The method for this result preferred by Wright was reliable zero-confirmation transactions, which may not settle on the blockchain immediately, but still are reliable to be trusted when broadcast for smaller amounts. Dash can be used in this manner as well, except has an added benefit of the InstantSend functionality, which uses masternodes to lock in a transaction until it has been confirmed by miners, ensuring that the transaction will definitely settle.

Dash and Bitcoin Cash in competition for digital cash payments

During an exchange with a Dash fan on Twitter as a response to the above quote, Wright indicated an understanding of what Dash was trying to accomplish, but maintained that Bitcoin Cash will win out in the long run:

Wright acknowledged a competition (autocorrected to “completion”) between Bitcoin Cash and Dash, but welcomed said competition, as it sharpens respective projects in a free market environment:

Both coins make adoption gains in the wake of further Bitcoin problems

While Bitcoin continues to experience high fees while attempting to scale, with a potential chain split on the horizon, competitors for its original mission make adoption gains. Bitcoin Cash is supported by the Coinify merchant solution, allowing businesses to more easily accept it as payment. Two different restaurants in Japan accept it as payment, as well as a growing list thanks to the Accept Bitcoin Cash initiative.

Dash, meanwhile, has a listing of about 400 businesses around the world that accept it as payment. Several debit card providers around the world support Dash for easy spending, with several more on the way, notably Wirex, which recently announced Dash as its first non-Bitcoin cryptocurrency to integrate. Festy, the recent sponsor of the Irish Pubs Global Awards, plans to integrate contactless Dash payments into cards and wristbands aimed at festivals and the pub scene, and Alt Thirty Six is exclusively integrating Dash into its payment processor, which will allow easy access into the retail sector, in particular the legal cannabis industry which has had issues accessing the traditional banking and payments system. Finally, BitCart, which only accepts Dash, allows customers to buy gift cards at a 15% discount, which opens up a wide range of options for Dash users.