Greetings from Florida.  Those are the words that many postcards start with when someone is sharing their fun vacation – not today.

Most of you have heard something about hurricane Irma.  I am one of the millions of people impacted directly by Irma.  Don’t worry about me I was prepared.  We didn’t have any “damage” to home or family.

My electrical power went out late Sunday night after it had rained all day.  I am OK since I have a generator with gas but Monday early afternoon as the worst of the winds and rain were just about over my DSL internet went out (my rain gauge overflowed at 5.5 inches).  I live just far enough out in the woods that I don’t have useful data service on my cell phone ever. In fact I have to be outside to have phone service.

I don’t know when either service will be back.  I have enough gas to keep the generator running off and on for a few more days. But how do you prepare for no internet?  Today I have driven into “town” to use emergency wifi.

Sorry this in not my normal well researched review of some POS system, today you get the “human interest” story as I sit in a Panera Bread parking lot watching service trucks go back and forth from a huge staging area for utility workers.

Since all of crypto, Dash included, depends on the ready availability of the internet “we” need to be researching ways to make that network rock solid.  Total loss of service like I have is worse than selective censorship but both are “a problem that needs to be solved.”

I certainly don’t have the answers but peer – to – peer networking may be part of the solution – although I am not sure how that would work in sparsely populated areas.  Anyone got any good solutions?