2gether, a collaborative banking app and cryptocurrency debit card solution, has added Dash to the platform.

A banking app with cryptocurrency support, 2gether allows customers to store various cryptocurrencies as well as buy and sell them, and send them to friends, along with euros. Additionally, the platform includes a debit card which charges no fees for cryptocurrency purchases, allowing digital funds to be spent as seamlessly as fiat currencies. Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, sees this integration as a valuable bridge for Dash between the new financial world and the old:

“The addition of dash to 2gether’s platform helps strengthen the bridge between crypto and fiat-based financial markets, and provides more ways for eurozone citizens to reap the benefits of decentralized payments.”

At time of writing, 2gether is only available to eurozone customers.

An increasing number of transitory services for users seeking to live off of Dash

2gether joins a growing list of services facilitating the use of Dash in everyday purchases in locations and for services that do not yet accept digital currency payments directly. The similar all-in-one digital currency and banking platform Crypto.com recently added Dash as well, including a promotional Dash giveaway. The Spend card similarly integrated Dash, and recently added Apple Pay support, allowing customers to seamlessly pay with Dash without using the physical card.

Mass consumer adoption of cryptocurrencies targeted for the near future

Widespread adoption of cryptocurrency payments for average consumers may be on the horizon. According to a recent survey by Polish exchange BitBay, over half of respondents desired to pay directly with cryptocurrency, with 90% believing that cryptocurrency payments will become popular in the near future, despite only 25% having used them personally. This indicates that a demand exists with consumers to use digital payments, yet this demand is not yet being met by the market.

To facilitate its implementation as a means of payment, Dash has implemented a variety of avenues to facilitate use. The iOS Dash wallet is now compatible with the Apple Watch, allowing users to send and receive digital funds using wearable tech. Dash Text recently expanded support to US customers, facilitating the transfer of Dash via SMS commands only between customers in the supported regions of the US, Venezuela, and Colombia. Finally, Dash recently partnered with augmented reality app Aircoins, providing an interactive and engaging method of distributing Dash to potential new users in cities across the globe.