Cointelegraph Research proudly presents the first investment thesis report for the cryptocurrency Dash.

To gain a deeper understanding of how investors feel about Dash, an original survey of over 2,000 crypto funds was conducted by the Cointelegraph Research team.

This 80+ page report published by Cointelegraph Research in collaboration with multiple research partners including Allnodes, Staking Rewards, CryptoRefills, CoinRoutes, intotheblock, Bitwise, Santiment, and Rekt Capital, showcases which funds currently hold Dash, why they hold Dash, and the number of funds that plan to invest in Dash during the next year.

Out of the 2000 funds surveyed by Cointelegraph Research regarding their investment allocation to Dash, 200 responded. Out of the respondents, 19 funds hold Dash, and over 40 funds plan to invest in Dash in the next 12 months. 70% of respondents requested to receive the final results of this investment thesis report.

“Dash is a well-known, respected name in the payments space in many areas of the world, and has an engaged, loyal following. One of our goals at Valkyrie is to enable those underserved by traditional financial firms to have access to financial services, and expanding investment into the Dash ecosystem is part of that mission.”

Leah Wald, CEO at Valkyrie Investments

Dash has set itself apart from Bitcoin and other blockchains by becoming one of the most prominent digital currencies that focuses on payments, i.e., becoming digital cash.

True to its promise of providing instant transactions and micro-fees, Dash is now accepted by merchants across the world that embrace Dash’s speed and low transaction fees.

But is Dash only digital cash, or are there use cases beyond payments?

Q4 of 2022 will mark an important milestone in Dash’s evolution. With the mainnet launch of Dash Platform, developers and users will be able to embrace the benefits of decentralized applications.

“As far as I know, there’s no other project that comes close to what we’re trying to build which is the ability to efficiently query information directly from the system database to users. We’ve seen a lot of DApps that store information on other blockchains, but they all require the use of oracles for their system to work. Dash Platform is going to be much more decentralized. Users on their mobile devices will be querying DAPI directly. There’s no oracle between them, users can query the blockchain directly with decentralized cryptographic proofs that the information is valid. You don’t have to trust any server. In my opinion, it will be a new paradigm of how decentralized systems can work.”

Sam Westrich, CTO at Dash Core Group

The launch of Dash Platform will provide a new ecosystem that features decentralized applications and data storage. Bearing in mind these significant changes, Dash has the potential to evolve from digital cash to a fully decentralized ecosystem adding to the value of Dash as a cryptocurrency and blockchain project. Besides a more in-depth financial and technical analysis of Dash, an overview of important regulatory developments for cryptocurrencies and Dash, in particular, is included.

The report explores how the Dash protocol’s unique design provides security benefits for its users and provides a deep analysis of the tokenomics and value proposition. The research highlights how investors can engage with Dash’s success story and what future possibilities for users and developers will arise from innovations that Dash will launch in the near future.

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