By now you know how much I want to love a Dash compatible Point of Sale (POS) system. has everything you need for a full featured, easy to use Android based POS system.  They support 60+ cryptocurrencies including Dash.  They have a robust looking backend website that seems very secure and provides plenty of information about your transactions.  Also very nice is the fact that they only charge 0.50% service fee which is very fair.

BUT …. yes you knew there was a big but coming … in my limited testing on their production system – transactions didn’t work correctly and the two that did work took hours to show up.  My first clue was when I read some of the comments on the app before I installed it. 3.7 stars with a lot of users complaining about “missing” coins.

I have been using the “world wide web” since its very early days so I have signed up and logged into many many websites.  I have to say for some reason was the toughest I can remember …. the mixed case with squiggly lines captcha drove me nuts.

But the Android app is very clean, simple and easy to use. Just click on the POS button and enter an amount for payment.

The app starts with 2 buttons you click on POS and enter an amount.

You can even add sales tax based on a percent or a tip based on either percent or flat amount.

You can quickly add sales tax or tips – if you don’t it doesn’t really slow you down.

After you finish the input up pops the QR code and the amount of Dash you need to send.  Note the requested amount on the left and the sent amount on the wallet on the right are exactly the same.

Payment request – and the payment sent from my wallet – note the amounts match.

Earlier I had tested out a smaller transaction. While it did work it to many hours to show up in the app and website as paid.  I then directly sent a small amount of Dash to my assigned store wallet address in the system.  That also took a long time to actually get finalized.  I then tried to send my balance from the wallet back to my personal wallet – that did work.  I then decided to try the transaction shown here.

The transaction started at 8:46 and was paid within one minute. In the web app which the merchant would be using it just showed “waiting for customer payment” until hours later when it timed out.  On the website at 9:48 it showed 3 confirmations…. that is not the Dash network we know 3 confirmations in one hour.  Also note the numbers in the status line.  The POS app said to send .02537 Dash – the website says it received .02537 Dash but wanted .0254253 Dash which is 0.0000553 Dash different ….  1.1 cents.  My guess is that this is due either to rounding error or difference in the Dash to USD exchange rate over the transaction time.

This transaction seemed very stuck


After 2+ hours the transaction showed cancelled / timed out – I will assume because the exact amount was not received.

and my transaction failed and the Dash disappeared

The Dash didn’t return back to my sending wallet and didn’t show up in my “store wallet.”  After waiting an hour or so I entered a support request and after about an hour my Dash was refunded and back in my wallet.

The good:

  • The phone app “works” great with good features.
  • Supports multiple coins.
  • Full featured website with lots of options.
  • Shopping cart plugins for many major packages (I didn’t test any).
  • Good email notifications with encryption support.
  • Support was pretty fast and responsive.
    The bad:

  • Transaction times were very slow.
  • Transaction failed that “should have” worked.
  • Support could not provide an answer why transaction failed.