Coinomi is a multi-coin wallet which supports dozens of tokens, including Dash, form a single easy to use interface. At this time Coinomi is only on Android, leaving desktop or iPhone users to look elsewhere.


Coinomi has all the basic features you’d come to expect from a multi-coin wallet, including integrated ShapeShift exchange to convert the coins to each other. Notably, the wallet contains functionality for a staggering array of coins, which can easily be added or removed from the wallet, and new coin functionality can be developed by the coin’s community itself. Of annoyance to newcomers is that not all supported tokens are also supported by ShapeShift, without disclaimer. This could lead to confusion as to why some coins aren’t able to be exchanged and others are.

One limitation of the device is that it’s Android-only at the moment. It also has no InstantSend functionality, meaning that for Dash-only users, it has the most limited feature set of the major wallets.

User interface

Usability The user experience for Coinomi is strong and simple. The main overview screen displays the various coins enabled by the wallet’s settings, including balances in crypto as well as fiat, and a total balance for the wallet. Transaction history, as well as sending and receiving, are easily accessible as is exchanging coins. The interface is streamlined and intuitive.

Design Clean and relatively simple design. Has a relatively “experimental” feel which contrasts with the slick Jaxx design, however Coinomi still maintains a clean look.


Coinomi, like many phone-only wallets, stores your private keys on the device for extra security. Private keys are easily backed up via recovery seed. The wallet is easily accessible to view-only, though functions such as spending and adding new coins are password protected.


As a open-source project, support is available but relatively limited. During a Dash upgrade, Coinomi’s servers took a week to sync. It took a couple days to find this out, and over the course of that week I was unable to access my funds.


Pros: Simple, fast, and easy interface, strong security, support for just about every coin under the sun.

Cons: Android-only, limited support, no InstantSend.