Dash is now available for purchase at over 13,000 locations around Brazil.

CoinBR is a Brazil-based cryptocurrency company offering a variety of services including an exchange, mining, bill payment, point-of-sale, and more. In July, the company announced that it had officially integrated Dash into the platform:

A new easy gateway for Dash buying all across Brazil

The news of this integration was originally reported by DashBR, a popular site in Dash’s Brazilian community:

“Recently, CoinBR (a Brazilian exchange) announced that anyone in Brazil now can buy Dash easily through bank deposit in one of the most popular banks in the country. Everyone that has access to what it´s called a “lottery house” (a popular place to bet in the government´s lottery and that also provide some banking services) will be able to deposit fiat money in CoinBR’s account and receive Dash in its Dash wallet inside the platform. This is a huge step toward mass adoption of Dash in Brazil because of the wide spread of these places all over the country. This means that right now we have more than 13,000 (thirteen thousand) places in which Brazilians can buy Dash!”

The addition of Dash buying services at lottery houses around the country expands potential reach to those who may feel intimidated with online financial transactions, especially for digital currencies. Additionally, the inclusion of Dash in a staple the everyday financial services experience cements its credibility.

Dash accessibility growing rapidly globally

The ease of acquiring Dash around the world has grown significantly in recent months. Earlier this month, Dash was added to Uphold, allowing users all over the world to easily and quickly exchange dozens of different currencies for Dash. This also enables workers around the world to receive their salary in Dash through a partnership between Uphold and Bitwage.

At present, DiscoverDash lists 112 Dash ATMs around the world, with more being listed every week. Integration into BTCU.biz enabled Dash buying at 9,000 kiosks around Ukraine. In addition to a healthy spread of ATMs around the country, Austria also benefits from Dash integration into BitPanda, allowing the purchase of Dash vouchers for cash at post office locations all over the country.