Church’s Chicken Venezuela has announced a special promotion exclusively for customers paying in Dash, giving further incentive to use the country’s growing crypto-economy.

Global top-four chicken restaurant chain Church’s Chicken currently accepts Dash at 10 of their 13 Venezuelan locations. To further encourage the use of Dash as a payment option, the chain has begun a special promotion, offering a free side of fries with any purchase of a combo meal if the customer pays with Dash. The promotion will run until the end of March.

A three-way collaboration between separate Dash-funded entities

This promotion involved cooperation between three different entities operating under the Dash ecosystem. Dash Venezuela, the group involved in the first Dash conferences in the country which sparked its now-legendary crypto revolution, secured the partnership with Church’s. The Dash Core team’s business development department provided logistical assistance, including funding the special promotion. Finally, Isabel Barrios of Dash News tested and documented the promotion and a live purchase in the above video.

All three entities are funded by the Dash treasury and operate to promote the currency, however they are not directly affiliated and operate independently.

Special incentives as the key to mass adoption

Promotions such as this represent the next step to furthering mass adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Dash’s global merchant adoption approaches 5,000 merchants listed on DiscoverDash, a significant increase over the last few years, with 2,500 added in Venezuela alone in 2018. While transaction counts and real-world purchases suggest adoption has been on the rise, consistent use as a dominant form of payment has not yet been reached. Promotions such as the Church’s discount encourage the creation of spending habits and hope to further the consistent and recurring use of Dash as a currency.

Payment processor Anypay initially pioneered this approach via its Dash-back program, where purchases at supported merchants, mainly in the New Hampshire area, incur a 10% refund transaction to the customer, essentially translation to a 10% discount when paying with Dash.