The long awaited update for the Charlie Shrem Dash Pay Card proposal exclusively on Dash Force News.

The card is launching sooner than you may think! A big thank you to Charlie for agreeing to do the video interview. Please see below for the full list of questions asked in interview and the time stamps so you have the option to skip to sections in interview of interest if you’re short on time.

Charlie Shrem Dash Pay Card Question TimeStamps:

0:43 Why the lack of updates?
3:41 When will the card be available? do you have a date?
5:46 How is your card different to payza’s? How do they compare?
7:27 How much will the physical card cost?
10:13 What are the fees? (Annual fee/ATM fee/Foreign Exchange Fee)
11:35 What are the spending and withdrawal limits?
14:03 Do you plan on implementing InstantSend functionality?
17:00 Which countries will the card be available on launch on in the future?
22:07 What is the website URL & when will it be up & running?
23:25 Can you buy and sell Dash on platform as well?
25:31 Why should people use your card and not the competition?
27:51 What are your plans to promote & market the Dash Pay Card?
30:16 Charlie, why Dash? Whats so special about Dash?
33:18 Can you tell me more about the Free card giveaway?

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