Dash has been added to physical gift card cryptocurrency platform CGift, enabling users to easily purchase redeemable Dash cards.

Announced this week, CGift, a redeemable online and physical gift card platform for cryptocurrency, has added Dash support. This allows users to purchase cryptocurrency gift cards which can later be redeemed, with the predetermined valuation worth of Dash sent to the end recipient’s wallet. According to Philip Moffat, co-founder of CGift, Dash was added due to its ease of use and usefulness in commerce:

“Dash has unlimited possibilities for all kinds of businesses, and most importantly it is very easy to use. We’re thrilled to work with Dash toward our
shared goal of simplifying cryptocurrencies for the masses.”

While online online purchasing has been made available at present, CGift intends to expand to sell physical gift cards locally in stores around Europe in the near future.

Facilitating the distribution of Dash to the masses through physical gift cards

The addition of Dash to the CGift service adds another tool for bringing accessibility to the cryptocurrency to everyday users. In contrast with other physical goods such as precious metals, cryptocurrency necessitates the usage of an electronic device in order to receive, which can require the extra friction-inducing step of installing a wallet or service before giving a gift to a new potential user. Services like CGift allow gifts to be sent to new users, who can then redeem the gift at their leisure at a later date, removing the necessity to download an app on the spot. This makes giving cryptocurrency, for example as tips, significantly easier. According to Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO and founder of Dash Embassy, which negotiated the integration, CGift can facilitate the spread of Dash adoption:

“This integration will make Dash more accessible by making it easy to buy and share Dash via a gift card. This is an important step towards the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency.”

The CGift integration joins other related services such as Cryptotip in providing an easy physical gift service for Dash. Added in late 2018, Cryptotip allows Dash users to print out custom paper wallets to give out as tips, with the added benefit of being able to have unused funds sent back to the original purchaser in the event that a tip is never redeemed, reducing waste.