“TIDE” – written in red block letters on the side of a truck. If you’re from North America (and maybe other places, too), you probably already know what this means: laundry detergent. Just like Kleenex = tissue. Charmin = toilet paper. Febreeze = deodorizer.

With continued hard work and a measure of good luck, one day in the future, the word “Dash” may be synonymous with “digital cash.”

But that day is not today.

For that reason, I’d like to make the case that we ought to include the words “digital cash” near or below the word “Dash” in future sponsorship/ad spots indefinitely. Whether it’s on the side of someone’s van, at the beginning of their YouTube video, or placed on their signage, the words “digital cash” are needed to get an accurate point across.

Is it a new mobile OS? A brand of sneakers? A kind of marathon somewhere?

It can be difficult for those of us already familiar with Dash to unlearn what we already know. But if we could, we’d see how “Dash” could just as easily be the brand name of washing machines, sneakers, motor oil or popcorn.

When we have very little brand recognition, we can’t afford to let our potential customers guess at what we do. We must tell them.

I grant that there may be other ways – better ways – to communicate what we do besides including the words “digital cash” in all advertisements. I’d be only too excited to see an even better alternative see widespread use!

But until that time, I’d like to encourage masternode owners to only vote for marketing proposals in which the contractor agrees to include the words “digital cash” under “Dash” in all visuals.

Does this ring true with you? Or do you think the word “Dash” is fine all by itself? Please share below.