If you’re absolutely new to cryptocurrency, you may not have heard much about Dash. Even if you’ve been a seasoned fan for many years and know all the top coins generally, chances are you’ve overlooked Dash as more of a historical item, the first great coin to give privacy a go, now just another Bitcoin wannabe in a field increasingly crowded by projects attempting to surge ahead with some untapped innovation or unique feature. If either is the case for you, let me be the first to tell you that Dash is about to catch fire in a truly unprecedented way. If you haven’t been watching closely before, start watching now: here’s why Dash is going to be front and center in the coming months and years.

Dash has survived in the top 10 for years, through immense hostility

The first true testament to Dash’s future is its long-term staying power. Over the years, through a messy launch with humble beginnings, a branding and directional pivot, countless experimental innovations, and trolling, lies, and overt hostility, Dash has remained on its steady climb. To have made it out of the initial hype phase regarding its privacy, and to continue to grow and turn heads years later without any singular flashy change, is impressive, and speaks of the solidity of the project. If there was a time to stop Dash, that time has long since passed.

The original promise of cryptocurrency remains unfulfilled by competitors

The entire reason anyone even started talking about blockchain technology to begin with was the ability to create a trustless peer-to-peer digital cash that could provide superior financial services and store of value to anyone in the world, without the ability to be easily stopped, and without some centralized authority or structure to make sure it works. That advancement remains as of yet untapped by the world at large. Dash has maintained an unshakable focus on this original mission, and this represents a significant advantage over time, as money is one thing that everyone needs and uses. Whatever other innovations come out, they will all pale in importance in everyday life to digital cash.

Dash is spreading across the third world

One of the greatest indicators of success is the widespread excitement across more economically challenged regions of the world. This matters because users in wealthy countries can afford to both keep their current financial system and play around with new fintech toys. Usage and interest exploding across Nigeria, Ghana, and Venezuela demonstrates the results of the ultimate test: Dash works. It provides a cheap and effective means of transacting, as well as a stable store of value, for people who have none of these. It also tests censorship resistance for the ecosystem, as repressed or underserved countries with a strong Dash presence nonetheless provides a great proof of concept of a decentralized currency.

With a monthly budget of over $2 million and growing, anything is possible

At present valuations, Dash’s monthly treasury budget is worth about $2.3 million. Assuming the highly unlikely scenario of a completely stagnant price, that makes for a $27.6 annual budget. That means that Dash has over $27 million available to spend on development, business integrations, marketing, research, promotions, charity sponsorships, anything and everything that can make the ecosystem stronger and more valuable. In a world where many projects must rely on voluntary donations or corporate interest in order to secure funding, Dash has a massive advantage by being able to grow its own fortune. In a world of open-source software projects and large corporate funding, being able to bankroll huge projects without sacrificing any independence is, quite frankly, almost an unfair advantage.

In an increasingly insular cryptoverse, Dash pursues wide use

And finally, let’s not forget that cryptocurrency is a very limited use tool at the present time. While other coins fight for dominance inside this bubble, Dash strives for the whole world. To put it bluntly, for every hateful troll or passionate fan there are millions who have absolutely no idea. By chasing the big pool of potential users, especially those who are less likely to be polarized with their own preconceived notions and personal fandom, Dash is getting ready to leapfrog the whole rest of the field. And there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.

Years from now people will ask: where were you when Dash took the world stage? Start working on your answer now.