While living completely off of Dash may be an admirable goal, such a prospect may be out of reach for most workers, since relatively few businesses take Dash and even fewer have enough to be able to pay their employees. Thankfully, a solution is available right now to bypass these barriers, and allow almost anyone to get paid in Dash.

Uphold integration opens new financial doors

With Dash functionality newly added, Uphold is a platform that allows for fast and seamless conversions across a host of different currencies, both fiat and cryptocurrency. Most importantly, this allows people just about anywhere to easily sign up and buy Dash directly, without dealing with either the lengthy signup process and cumbersome interface of regular exchanges, or with the hassle and irregularity of finding peer-to-peer transactions.

What is not immediately apparent, though, is Uphold’s API, which allows for a whole host of creative uses and seamless integrations across platforms. More on that in a bit.

Bitwage allows salary conversion to Bitcoin and more

A key company from the glory days of the Bitcoin revolution, Bitwage is a payroll company that, among other things, allows employees to take their salary in Bitcoin, even if their employer possessed no cryptocurrency. Bitwage has, however, not given any indication of a willingness to accept Dash or other cryptocurrencies at this time.

However, there exists a workaround. Leveraging Bitwage’s Cloud Savings, customers are able to arrange for payment in a variety of currencies through a partnership with Uphold. This allows a Bitwage user to use Cloud Savings with the Uphold API to get paid in whatever currency Uphold supports, including Dash. According to Matt Meek, who works in business development for Dash Core, this workaround was the second-best thing in absence of direct cooperation from Bitwage: “It doesn’t seem obvious right now but the work around was great seeing as we couldn’t get Bitwage to respond.”

Combining Bitwage and Uphold to get paid in Dash

According to Meek, the following is the process for an employee to get set up to start taking their salary in Dash:

“Here are the instructions:

1. Set up a Bitwage account.

2. Set up an Uphold account.

3. Log into Bitwage and set up your “Cloud Savings Account” (this just links your Bitwage with your Uphold account via API).

4. From your Cloud Savings Account you will be able to select to be paid in any currency that is supported by Uphold.”

Not content to simply leave this as a theoretical, Meek tested it out personally, and confirmed that it works:

“I tested this out to make sure that I was right in that we could by pass direct integration with Bitwage and it works perfectly. So now this use case just needs to be publicized…”