Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing the Founder and CEO of Rocelo Lopes. The CoinBR platform is the first and only Brazilian exchange to offer DASH for the increasing number of services they offer. CoinBR is also currently operating in South Africa and have plans to expand globally.

The CoinBR platform is much more than just an on online cryptocurrency exchange, it is a complete blockchain-based financial services platform. The smart wallet functions like an online bank account with account statements and the ability to create separate accounts for each wallet eg. Dash Current Account & Dash Saving Account.

One unique feature that I found intriguing was the ability for CoinBR users to pay bills in Dash. Rocelo kindly offered to demonstrate this process in one of the videos below.

Not only do you have the ability to purchase and spend Dash with the CoinBR SmartWallet, you can also top up your phone credit as well.

In the cryptocurrency world the success of a crypto is typically summarised by its user and business adoption achievements which is often referred to as the chicken and egg problem. CoinBR also provides businesses a simple and free tool for accepting Dash and other digital coins directly, be it a physical establishment or e-commerce. Please see the Business solution video below for more details.

No doubt the services CoinBR offer will be greatly welcomed by our growing Dash Brazil community. However an important CoinBR service they provide through their sister company is open to the world to use right now. That service is mining, so not only can you buy, spend, pay bills, top up your phone and setup merchants to accept Dash you can also now mine Dash as an investment as well. CoinBR offers a complete Dash eco-system experience and Rocelo has informed me that they’re currently working with a number of token card providers to launch a partnership in the very near future. Exciting times.

I would like to thank Rocelo Lopes for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to me. Also a special thanks to Tungfa for hooking me up with Rocelo to make this all happen. I hope you find the videos below informative. I have edited and split the videos of Rocelo to short question / answer sections so you can easily go straight to the section of interest.

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