What is the first thing someone thinks when they download a Dash wallet?  The often repeated question is “How do I get some/more Dash?” What is your answer?  Sign up with an exchange, send money from your bank account then buy bitcoin, then shapeshift that into Dash and send it to your wallet.  Honestly that is what I do – but it can take a couple of weeks (slow exchange signup / KYC / slow ACH transfers) to do all of that.

Faster ways are now available. You can use Dashous or Wall of Coins to buy Dash directly either in a face-to-face transaction or a deposit in someone’s bank account.  The story of Dashous is covered here.

Wall of Coins Dash integration was funded by the Dash Treasury:

Business Development – Wall of Coins Integration Owner: babygiraffe  5,979.63 Total DASH split into 3 payments (added on 2016-10-26) $9.28/D paid out on November 4th 2016 ($9.12) – 12/4/16 – ($8.74) 1/4/17 ($14.75) to Dash Business Development.  Votes: 1013 Yes / 59 No / 0 Abstain  Dash.org forum pre-proposal thread.  The project was entered as a stand alone proposal that was not passed. The Dash core team worked with Wall of Coins to accept new terms. The project cost was set at $57,918 spread evenly across three payments of $19,306 each in the November, December, and January budget cycles.

The Jaxx wallet has ShapeShift builtin but you must already have crypto currency to use that.  An upcoming method to get Dash into your wallet is also a Wall of Coins project funded by the Dash Treasury:

Buy-Sell-Dash-directly-within-the-WALLET Owner: rgenito 283 DASH (added on 2017-03-28)  $85.55/D = $24,211 paid out on June 5th 2017 $144.37/D = $40,857  Votes: 862 Yes / 391 No / 50 Abstain Dash.org forum pre-proposal thread.

Buy or Sell Dash directly within the WALLET

This project will build Dash buy and sell functionality directly into several popular wallets.  You will be able to buy Dash by placing an order and going to a nearby bank branch to make a cash deposit.  Once the deposit is verified you will have the Dash in your wallet.

Here is a video where Tao sits down with Robert Genito and Albert Arellanes to discuss Wall Of Coins, their involvement with Dash and Dash Nation, and where they see Dash going from here.

This is a short video on how Wall of Coins works.

Details from the proposal:


We will help DASH OVERCOME Bitcoin’s Market Cap, and we will do this by solving one of the biggest problems with wallets. No matter who you are, the easiest way for you, your friends, or your family members to get into Dash is to simply download a wallet. After that wonderful moment is where the newbie realizes, “…how do I get Dash?” Believe it or not, this is the biggest encumbrance to mass adoption. The excitement ends and things go downhill from there. That will be history.

We want to bring the Wall of Coins buying and selling experience directly into Dash wallets, while also providing these Dash wallets a revenue opportunity and incentive to make their Dash wallets better. Currently, wallet developers can only rely on donations to support their work.


  • Budget $5,800 per wallet on 4 wallets ($82 per DASH).
  • Max 200 man hours per wallet. This includes mock-ups, business development, implementation, quality assurance testing, and deployment.
  • Weekly status updates: Albert Arellanes or myself (Robert Genito) will provide these updates to the community forum. These will be every Thursday.


We will develop a DASH buy/sell wizard for 4 Dash wallet apps. You choose the wallets that you want us to pursue! We will work closely with the wallet developers and take their direction on the user interface, branding, and feel.


We will limit the development time for each wallet to be 200 man hours. From experience, we know that this gives us ample time to also coordinate with the wallet app developers on an integration experience that they see fit for their users, as well as abiding by their desired UI/UX flow.


I discussed the current status with Robert Genito:

We haven’t seen any project updates for the last month.  Why?

Albert who was doing the updates is not on our team anymore, and we haven’t found the right PR / campaign manager to replace him.

You are 2 months into the project what is the current status?

The first integration is with the Dash Android wallet. The selling part connection is done but the UI and flow must be cleaned up, and then that will get into QA testing. The buying wizard has about 30% more implementation to connect to our API.  It should take another week to complete it, and then another week to tighten it up during QA.  Once that is finished Hash Engineering (the wallet developer) will need some time for integration testing and cleanup.

Our next integration should go smoother.  I think Dash for iOS should be done next but ultimately it is the community’s decision. I am pretty sure the developer will work with us but I haven’t yet talked with him about the project.  Ask your readers what they would like next.

For more information about Robert you can watch this video interview with Joël Valenzuela on Dash Force News.

I was hoping to have screen prints of the workflows being developed for the Dash Android wallet but Robert was not able to provide them by publication time.  This project is behind on their original project estimates but still has the ability to provide a very useful service when completed.