Pawn software Bravo Systems is integrating several cryptocurrencies, including Dash, into its platform.

In a recent press release, Bravo Pawn Systems, a leader in the pawn shop software industry, announced an upcoming integration of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, among them Dash. This means that every shop that uses Bravo, presently an estimated 7,250, could easily accept Dash in the future.

According to CEO Tally Ray, Bravo is the first system designed for the pawn industry to integrate cryptocurrencies:

“We are proud to be the first pawn software in the world to support crypto payments, loans, and purchases. Bravo continues to revolutionize the pawn industry, giving our customers a competitive edge. It’s very exciting.”

This will also include integration into Bravo’s online marketplace site

Cryptocurrency to become another field of pawnbroker expertise

The rising field of digital assets will become another area of expertise for the pawn industry, according to founder Steve Mack:

“Cryptocurrency will be a standard asset in the near future. Cryptocurrency is another asset pawnbrokers will become experts at. This, like all items that come across the counter, requires expert skill at determining authenticity.”

This means that cryptocurrencies will join the field of other valuables, including gold and silver, diamonds, tools, musical instruments, firearms, etc. for evaluation and pricing. This will add another industry trading and pricing cryptocurrencies beyond the present exchanges and markets.

Dash is finding its prime use cases

As the cryptocurrency field expands and saturates into the global economy, more and more primary use cases come to the forefront for its experimental technology. We have seen this with Dash as versatile business solution Alt Thirty Six start with the primary use case of providing a payment solution for the legal cannabis industry plagued by banking issues. The benefit of this partnership is a reduction from 15-30% cash-handling fees for cannabis dispensaries to just a 1% fee for using Dash through the platform. Once this major use case is well-established, more mainstream businesses can be approached for a reduction from 1-3% credit card processing fees with monthly fees and chargeback risks to a flat 1% fee with no risk of chargeback. Then, businesses can explore accepting and holding Dash directly for very negligible fees, as well as the increased valuation of Dash over time compared to fiat currencies.