Dash Core’s CEO Ryan Taylor was recently on a fireside chat segment of BlockTV to talk about Dash’s recent progress and upcoming Evolution release.

Taylor covered the brutal 2018 bear market and recent positive signs, as well as year-on-year growth for transaction volume, including data that indicates that Dash is being used to real economic purchases rather that pure speculation. He also went over cryptocurrency cracking into the payments industry, global merchant adoption growth rates, why Venezuela is a key location for Dash adoption, and incentives to get consumers to switch to new payments systems. The subject of 51% attacks was also brought up, including Dash’s soon to be released 0.14 upgrade, which will include ChainLocks, a solution effectively insulating the network against these attacks. Finally, Taylor mentioned excitement at the upcoming Evolution update, which will include many user-friendly features such as blockchain usernames and contact lists, set for release this year.

To watch the video interview in its entirety, please follow this link.