This is a video repost of the Dash Talk interview from our YouTube channel. This episodes special guest is Karen Hsu who is the Head of Growth for BlockCypher. BlockCypher is a strategic partner for Dash and offers Blockchain Web Services. This interview focusses on 2 recently announced integrations. The first is Piiko a global mobile credit top-up service now accepting Dash Digital Cash. The second is a BlockCypher partnership with National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy to research and develop peer-to-peer energy transactions on the blockchain.

⏱ Video TimeStamps:
🚩 00:14 What is Piiko?
🚩 01:27 How did partnership with Piiko start?
🚩 02:28 Advantages of using Dash on Piiko?
🚩 04:30 Bitcoin payments discontinued on Piiko?
🚩 06:43 Piiko 20% Discount with Dash
🚩 09:52 What is NREL & Blockcypher partnership?
🚩 12:33 How long has BlockCypher been working with NREL?
🚩 15:31 What is NREL & BlockCypher partnership roadmap?
🚩 18:06 How can Blockchain help energy in the future?
🚩 19:21 How Dash Core & Blockcypher work together?
🚩 21:33 BlockCypher’s bandwidth for project integrations?
🚩 25:12 what is an ideal candidate for integration?
🚩 27:19 Do you ever reject integration ideas & why?

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