BlockCypher has announced a strategic partnership with Dash, paving the way for increased business adoption.

The world’s leading web services API service for blockchain technology, BlockCypher allows for seamless integration into many new services, clearing an important hurdle to ensuring Dash is enabled everywhere Bitcoin is and more. According to BlockCypher’s CEO Catheryne Nicholson, one of the main reasons the integration makes sense is due to Dash’s governance system provided by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which prevents the kinds of problems we’re seeing elsewhere in the cryptospace:

“Dash is an example of how alternative cryptocurrencies are addressing new market needs. For example, Dash’s governance model preempts the gridlock that protocols such as Bitcoin are facing. Its structure of voting and investment provide a unique way of driving improvements.”

The crucial gateway to integration with blockchain industry leaders

BlockCypher is Dash’s key to unlocking access to some of the most prominent industry players. Daniel Diaz, Dash Core’s VP of Business Development, sees the integration as a critical factor in facilitating new business integrations in the future.

“Wallets, merchants and exchanges have a choice to either run nodes or work with an API service to implement Dash, and merchants can seamlessly integrate it as a method of payment without needing to know the complicated tech behind it. Think of it like this: Dash is one side of the river bank, and big business is the other. The water in between is a swirling mass of independent software stacks, interfacing tools, servers, nodes, libraries, technical jargon and confusion that looks far too dangerous to cross. BlockCypher is the bridge.”

Integrating with BlockCypher certainly adds a new host of options for integrations. Businesses such as Xapo, BitInka, WhaleClub, and KeepKey all use their API, allowing them to integrate Dash with ease.

Dash gearing up to take the lead in business adoption

The BlockCypher integration opens the door for continuing progress in business adoption this year. Already, Dash has been on an integration sprint, being added to major exchanges and businesses. This comes as Bitcoin transitions to more of a stock or asset like a digital gold, and Dash rushes to fill the void in day-to-day use as an inexpensive and efficient value transfer. The market has not yet responded to this “business flippening,” but by the end of the year Dash’s adoption progress will be more dramatic.

Cryptocurrency as a field has been on an impressive victory march this year. Bitcoin has risen to new all-time highs of nearly $1,800 per coin, yet its market share has declined to just above 50% because of the growth of the rest of the sector. Ripple in paritcular has grown to a value of over $6 billion, while both Litecoin and NEM have passed the $1 billion mark. All in all, the field of cryptocurrency has exceeded $50 billion, and will likely continue to grow over the course of this year.