The all in one cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool and trading terminal recently integrated Dash.

[tweet align=’right’] Not only are BitUniverse users able to easily track their cryptocurrency portfolio against data from 200+ exchanges, but can also easily trade in 14+ exchanges without ever having to leave the app. They also allows users to easily import their trade data from exchanges via API keys so users do not have to manually reenter their trade data.

A representative from BitUniverse cites their automation, many services, and overall all-in-one experience as the main differentiating factors from competitors. Users can also utilize the Grid trading bot with BitUniverse. The BitUniverse team wanted to bring these services to Dash users because of its large community.

“Dash is one of the top coins in the world, and we know that Dash has a very big community. There are also a lot of Dash fans using our app. We want to integrate Dash in our Project Link to provide the Dash fans latest news, and also we can get a mutual promotion with Dash.”

Growing need for easy accessibility

Cryptocurrency is still growing in popularity despite the bear market, however, many new user want an easy way to acquire and use cryptocurrency. The recent proof of keys event was meant to be a showing of individuals who actually cared about controlling their own private keys and thus actually owning cryptocurrency. However, the event has thus far had lackluster results, which indicates many consumers either do not care or do not want to deal with the technicalities of cryptocurrency. Creating one stop shops for tracking and trading cryptocurrency helps satisfy consumers’ desires and makes them more likely to continue using the technology.

Additionally, the ability to easily and quickly trade and check prices on multiple exchanges from one location speeds up the arbitrage of exchange prices approaching equilibrium. This begins to solve the issue of some exchanges offering exchange prices that are a few percentage points different from each other. Price equality across different locations then becomes an indicator of liquidity, which can increase adoption and lower volatility.

Dash emphasizes simple usability to aid accessibility

The Dash community has recognized that it is difficult to change consumers’ behavior so it cannot make consumers adopt an entirely new way of spending and saving. That is why Dash is trying to lower switching costs as much as possible to make adopting Dash relatively easy, including purchasing Dash. Recently, Dash integrated Uphold into the Dash wallet, which makes it very easy, even for novice consumers, to navigate to Uphold, register, deposit USD, and purchase Dash. Additionally, the KRIP phones in Latin America emphasize the fact that the phones come pre-loaded with numerous Dash apps. Then DAO-funded community groups like Dash Help assist consumers further with technical questions. Dash is also planning to release a series of upgrades for Evolution that will make using Dash very easy, such as blockchain usernames rather than cryptographic addresses.

Dash is committed to making a one-stop cryptocurrency environment for consumers to spend and save digital cash. Now that users will be experiencing a similar consumer journey with BitUniverse, they will eventual find their way to Dash since it offers the path of least resistance of easily using cryptocurrency in real life.