Bitsa has debuted Bitsa Young, an app and preloaded cryptocurrency debit card for young people, enabling them to spend Dash.

Announced last week, Bitsa, partner company of cryptocurrency platform Bitnovo, has debuted a cryptocurrency debit card aimed at young people. The service is available to users from 14 to 17 years old who may use several cryptocurrencies, including Dash, to top up a prepaid debit card after the service is activated with approval from a parent or guardian. The card is available in Europe and is denominated in euros. According to Luis Vaello, Bitsa’s COO, this new card represents a new age of financial freedom for younger generations:

“With Bitsa Young we allow all the new generation to have their own financial freedom. We are very happy to provide the real first crypto card for teenagers. Future generations don’t care about regular banking. This way they can keep their Dash in their favorite wallet and just convert instantly through Bitsa to spend anywhere Visa is accepted.”

Vaello believes that this addition will help the next generation to grow up receiving cryptocurrency for income and spending it in the real world:

“It is a powerful for all crypto lovers with teenage children! You can give them their allowance in crypto and allow them to manage their savings and spending however they want!”

Bitsa previously debuted its debit card in late spring of 2019, enabling a host of financial services to Dash users.

Another step to reinforcing the usability of Dash for real-world purposes

The addition of the Bitsa Young card expands another avenue for Dash to be used as real-world money among another key demographic. According to Vaello, this is a key step towards reinforcing the value of cryptocurrencies by enabling use for payments rather than purely speculative investment:

“Because adoption will be driven by using cryptocurrencies and not just hodling! In the future will love to see full crypto acceptance at merchants but this is a first step. Bitsa is also developing plans for merchants to full accept crypto in an easy way. Everything has a natural evolution and we hope to help throughout the process.”

While usage of cryptocurrencies for everyday payments remains low, the potential upside of debuting cryptocurrency-focused payment solutions remains significant. According to a recent survey, in the US alone 13.5% of the population, potentially up to 44 million or close to the entire population of Argentina, either owns or plans to own cryptocurrency, representing a large potential user base for digital payments. Dash has consistently grown in this metric, with Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor recently highlighting the project’s annual growth of 178%, outpacing key industry competitors.